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    At the planning committee as reported on Wrexham. com. the planning application for a house in Halton was turned down.

    There are 20 members with voting powers on the committee and there were 2 apologies for absence on that day leaving a voting total of 18.

    On the 1st count there were 6 for 7 against 2 abstentions. Total 15 votes
    On the 2nd count there were 7 for 7 against 2 abstentions. Total 16 votes.

    What happened to the missing voters?



    I have been informed that this is currently being reviewed by officers of the council following issues raised by members.


    Maureen Gray

    What ever the numbers involved, the decision is ballo*ks. Existing old building,not listed,to be replaced by a nice new family home. And Halton is hardly one of the 7 wonders of the world. Get real councillors!

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