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    Ioan y Ffin

    Has anyone else noticed a pattern of events when it comes to planning permissions in Wrexham C.B.
    1. Developers put forward big housing scheme.
    2. Councillors reject scheme often against planning officers’advice.
    3. Developers appeal to Welsh Government.
    4. Welsh Govt inspector grants permission, usually saying that owing to there being no Local Development Plan, the development should go ahead.

    It has been years since Wrexham has had an LDP. How come the planning department are not held to account for probably their most important job which is to produce a planning policy for Wrexham? How long can Wrexham muddle along with what are in effect a series of adhoc decisions?

    The status quo is great for developers – the costs of an appeal are small beer compared to the cost of providing decent housing, but what are the costs to our local communities? Developers are enjoying the free for all, so lets not call the process of securing the right to build housing estates gaining ‘planning permission’. There is no real planning involved at all.



    Constantly allowing houses to be built on greenfield sites and sites prone to flooding when there is shedloads of brownfield sites in the Acre Fair / Cefn Mawr / Old Ruabon brick works areas. I’m sure plenty of other brownfield sites around Wrexham as well.

    Lets get all these brown field sites used up first.

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