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    There are those working in the Council who believe that too much fuss has been made about Car Parks and Car Parking charges and that the future will belong to a mix of transport modes carrying shoppers and tourists into the town. According to some, there is actually too much Car Park capacity, the space could be sold off and the emphasis on less Car Parking capacity, premium prices, a Park and Ride scheme, Bus transport, Bicycles, Shank’s Pony (Foot), Trains……and who knows…..planes.

    After all, the revenue generated by the sale of car Park capacity and the environmental benefits of rebalancing the mode of arriving in the town is surely sensible and worthy!

    I would merely say….well in advance……be careful what you wish for.

    Rebalance the way that people come to Wrexham at your peril!!

    Already we see the results of higher Car Parking charges. Dissuade the punters from coming in the most CONVENIENT way that they WANT to and they will exercise the choice of not coming. The result? Foot-flow is reduced by 2%, 5%, 10%……etc The result? Shops existing at the margins decide to close (and the Multiples will do this ruthlessly if their foot-flow/turnover patterns change). The result? The net attraction of the town is reduced? The result? Those who had considered coming to the town find that the Markets, the Independent sector and the Multiples have taken a hit and the impetus to come here has been reduced.

    Now let me ask all fair minded readers…..does this have any resemblance to real life as you would know it?

    Now here comes the crunch…….RESULT……ironically, once the town takes a hit…….the demand for trains, planes….and the rest ALSO goes down. Companies like Arriva will actually do their homework and make their own decisions about train scheduling based upon demand but demand for train seats will relate to what the town has to offer……..

    Simple solutions to complex questions like transport are not to be recommended.



    Companies like Arriva and Virgin Trains do their homework allright! Wrexham once upon a time had a direct rail service to London which was rated as the BEST rail service in the country, in spite of having to go by a roundabout route and not allowed to pick up any passengers at most of the stations it called at. The Wrexham and Shropshire tried very hard to make a success of it, but as soon as they began operations competing services suddenly appeared and it was ultimately doomed to failure. Now that the dust has settled the major companies are not interested in the area any longer, thus the shameful withdrawal of services by Arriva. (Does the Virgin morning service to London run any longer?)


    Rex Ham

    Yes, the Virgin service is still advertised on their website. Depart Wrexham 07.00 depart Euston 18.10(direct service). Journey time about two and a half hours.

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