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    It indicates the National picture and also freedom of choice



    “A sweeping statement then”
    “It indicates the National picture and freedom of choice”

    Not a very robust defence of Welsh medium education. Frankly, I expected better! :-)



    Most people in education would agree that a child’s progress on school very often is dependent in the level of support provided by a parent or family member. I have nothing against Welsh medium schools for English speaking children if that is the parents wish but please give consideration to what level of support can be given to parents to help them with the Welsh Language to at least give their children a fighting chance to be on a par with their peers in English only schools who have support from parents



    It is all a load of twaddle. It hasn’t held my young family members back, apart from on rare occasions, spelling. Statistics say what you want to hear. The attached link is from only two years ago. BBC News – Bilingual children 'better at problem-solving skills'



    @BenjaminM 16129 wrote:

    “A sweeping statement then”
    “It indicates the National picture and freedom of choice”

    Not a very robust defence of Welsh medium education. Frankly, I expected better! :-)

    I dont need to defend it.



    It’s here to stay.



    I think Plaid could attract local voters with their strong stance against fracking.
    From what I have read on HANSA, Ian Lucas has raised concerns about fracking, but is pretty low profile compared with Plaid MEP Jill Evans ( for example ). The prospective Conservative candidate is probably in favour of fracking or at least hasn’t spoken against it ? UKIP will probably identify it as a vote winner so expect to hear much more from them.
    Independents will throw their hats in – fracking is going to be BIG.

    I will struggle to vote for Plaid because of their lack of economic reality.
    Having also watched the BBC2 coverage on i-player from Llangollen its plain that even amongst Plaid themselves there is an awareness that pushing the journey towards an independent Wales is putting some voters off. Hence a move towards turning down the volume on this. Even so, even if just quietly, Leanne Woods will still take us on her journey.

    Independence for Wales ?
    There isn’t the economy to support it. Listen to Carwen Jones arguing against the Barnett formula, stating “we are not handing out the begging bowl, Wales has contributed massively to the British economy, with coal, steel, tin and slate. “
    There’s the problem – all in the past.
    The UK treasury isn’t interested in the past – only what they can still gain tomorrow.
    Which is why I am impressed to hear Carwen Jones argue against grabbing everything on the table from Westminster without being savvy.
    ” Ask yourself the question why is the treasury so keen that we should get income tax varying powers ?
    Experience dictates that there is something in it for them and a disadvantage for us. You’ve got to get the funding right first before we even consider looking at major changes such as income tax. “

    Listen to Lord Digby Jones cautioning against accepting tax raising powers without growing the economy first, as he says, if the money isn’t there….

    Ardent Welshman John Cale when interviewed on C4 last month about Velvet Underground, his latest works, and his thoughts on Scotland’s independence referendum, stated plainly ” Wales couldn’t do it, they haven’t the economy to back it up, why do it at all, its just nomenclature at the end of the day. “

    If Westminster promotes Wales independence it will be on the same basis as the US Federal Government handing Oklahoma to Native Americans.

    Leanne Woods hasn’t a clue.
    Thats what puts me off voting for Plaid Cymru.



    Another economic impact is that the UK economy is improving hence the demand from the EU for payment from UK hence the reason Wales will probably gets its last share of the EU funding after the 2014/20 funding ceases. What / how will we in Wales cope without this massive level of funding when so many of the jobs are in the non income generating Public Sector.
    I would dearly love to hear from someone in Plaid to tell me how Wales could balance the books if we were Independent without a massive increase in personal and business tax



    Labour Candidate Switches to Plaid Cymru |

    BBC NEWS | Election 2005 | Results | Clwyd South

    Rather than start a new thread I thought that this would be the most appropriate place to comment on the almost entirely factually incorrect news story featured last Friday.

    Whilst I’ve known Alwyn Humphreys personally for quite a few years now,I have to say being kind to him perhaps,that he has led a somewhat chequered past!He has certainly not been active in the Labour Party for quite a few years now.

    The above link shows that he stood as a Forward Wales candidate in 2005.Another link shows that he stood as an Independent candidate in the 2012 Local Council Election

    I’m left wondering what the political Crystal Ball shows for him?What label will he emerge with next I wonder?!



    Looks like he must be trying to create a banner consisting of the colours of the rainbow to stand under and muster a group of nomadic voters who drift between all the Political Party’s .

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