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    Ioan y Ffin

    The PFI experience in the health sector has been such poor value that even Conservative MPs have campaigned against it so does PFI Cymru learn from the mistakes that have been made?

    It sounds like a rent to buy scheme where in effect you pay rent for twenty-five years and then at the end of that period you get ownership of the building. Presumably the land is owned by the council throughout or do they also hand over the land. In most rent to buy schemes you pay over the odds each year in order to have the benefit of something before you have really paid for it. You pays your money, you takes your choice.

    You can find out more about meridiam at:

    With the Private Sector Delivery Partner (PSDP), the DBW, and the new Welsh Education Partnership Company (WEPCo) there are going to be plenty of people who will need paying out of the rent. The really important question is how much of this schools porject investment will be invested in staff and businesses here in Wales to help our economy and help keep talented people here in Wales.



    I wonder how much of the drive to PFI, is courtesy of the Westminster bill taking back power from the EU. The devolution power grab that wag was on about.

    Brexit bonus for the wankers, got our country back; schools now owned by the French.

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