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    Way to go Wrexham! Yay!
    Another breach at non-essential premises, no wonder we are still top of the charts in Wales for infections.

    How much longer are we going to reap the whirlwind because of these morons? FFS.
    I hope the Police have handed out the maximum possible find to all concerned, though I doubt it.
    Rant over.



    The article certainly painted a very vague picture. Business not named, business type not even mentioned. People trying to evade the police – did they try and hide, attempt to run away?

    Was it a hair salon, so people were running away with half done hair? So many questions.

    All amusement aside – I agree that it was utterly moronic behaviour all round.



    When/if the details on this case come out any of the businesses other customer should think very hard about having anything to do with the business in the future. That will hit them harder in the pocket than any fine that may be imposed. A flouting of regulations that are in place to save lives is nothing short of a disgrace – the business and those who where in the premises.

    All of this at a time when the case rates have started to drop – something ALL of us are welcoming so that we can ALL start looking forward to going out to shops.

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