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    Maureen Gray

    council officers telling councillors the answer to their questions are in the report before them”

    come come young man, you canna expect them old ferts to read something and to understand why they are making a decision on it.



    It is not just a case of reading the Report, it is also the case of councillors picking out the fake news that is in it.

    In the Report it advised that the Butchers & General Markets budget, reported an operating surplus of £26,773. Later in the same Report page 26 it states for 2018/19 the Butchers Market made a operating loss of £10,350 , whilst the General Market made an operating loss of £18,870. A total market deficit of £29,220

    A operating surplus from the Outside Market of £16,633 and a operating surplus from the outside shops of £39,360 in total £55,993. This figure is then put against the indoor market loss of £29,220 showing a overall surplus of £26,773.

    To me this is fake news, what have the outside market and shops got to do with a report that is considering the future of the Butchers and General Markets? It just covers over the actual trading surplus/deficit position of a given project.



    Interesting points but when do Councillors ever give serious questions to officers over content — when the names are presented in the name of a Lead Council Member then it becomes claer that it will go through on the nod due to the numbers on the ruleing Executive.
    It would be good to see more Scrutiny to questions these levels of misinformation reports that are written from the persepctive of what will be the end message and then work backwards to put bits of info together to create the story .



    Why is it the Leader of the Council had to make the opening statement on the regeneration of the markets and the available funding , at this Scrutiny Committee?

    He is not on the Scrutiny Committee and should keep his nose out. Maybe he thinks that Scrutiny are not capable of coming to an informed decision without his input.

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