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    …………..and give me the job of running it (lol)


    The one downside of Techniquest moving to T J Hughes is the lack of free parking


    There are now a number of Reports which have been undertaken (or are in process) concerning aspects of Wrexham’s town centre. There are also initiatives underway concerning the same. These include:-
    • Destination Wrexham
    • The Wrexham Local Government Plan 2013-2028
    • Manchester Metropolitan University’s (MMU) High Street UK 2020 project
    • Quarterbridge Report on Wrexham Markets
    • The Healthy High Street initiative
    As an example, the aims of the Destination Management Plan are:
    • To deliver a strategic and visitor focused approach to the development and management of the visitor product/ experience in Wrexham County Borough
    • To achieve clear, coordinated and prioritised actions which will significantly improve the visitor experience and levels of visitor satisfaction
    • To enthuse and involve tourism businesses and other agencies in productive partnership working which relates to their interests and makes the very best use of available goodwill, budgets and manpower
    • To drive up tourism business performance year on year
    • To grow the economic, environmental and social contribution of the visitor economy in a way which is responsible and considerate of the needs of residents as well as visitors
    • To contribute significantly to regional and national economic and cultural aspirations.

    Whatever has happened to all of these…….in particular, what has become of the Manchester Met initiative and particularly their linked Markets Matter document



    Alunh- you’ve been around long enough to realise that Wrexham is good at getting reports produced on all sorts of things but very very very rarely do they seem to move into action. They would need a big recycling bin to accommodate all the reports that are now gathering dust in the ivory tower.
    There is a Policy of if you don’t want to do anything or can’t afford it then you commission another report. It is a standard practice in many Public Sector institutions from Central Government down to local level.


    Quite agree Peter…and it’s just such a shame. Personally, I hate it when words are bandied around in an empty manner and when bold ambitions are placed on the table to merely get kicked into the long grass.

    When I started writing on here, it was as a Market occupant. I had liquidated ‘Phase One’ Records on King Street (and that itself is a saga story) and moved into the Peoples Market. I cannot begin to describe how badly managed that public resource was. I remember having discussions with at least one of the Councillors who has appeared in public lately waving his magic wand and the story rolled out was always the same. Words…and more words.

    When I see the words Deno the Fat ++++ removed from the lower stairwell leading to the South Arcade of the Peoples Market, I might just invite all of the Councillors out for a beer.



    The mismanagement of the markets has been recorded for many years and pre-dates the current leadership in the Council. It is just astonishing that even under ‘new management’ in the Guildhall at officer and Member level no one has ever taken the trouble to really help address the issues.
    The report going to the Council meeting next week on the markets is now starting to highglight (yet again) the structural issues on the other two markets in the town due to a complete lack of investment over the years. See Page 29
    this just highlights the amount of work required as a result of years of neglect.



    I wonder if Council officers have been in touch with their counterparts in Denbighshire to see what they learnt from the collapse of the Ruthin Craft Centre and what they have now had to do to get the cafe and workshops reopened.



    “The craft centre, which is funded by the council and Arts Council of Wales, was revamped in 2008 in a scheme costing £4.3m.”

    A similar sum of money was spent on the Ruthin Crafts Centre that is proposed for the Wrexham Arts Hub, money doesn’t guarantee visitor numbers. Wrexham Council is already predicting a loss before any work begins , the Trust taking control of the Arts Centre must be contemplating how they are going to sustain visitor numbers when the Arts Hub opens, quality exhibitions need Grade 1 exhibition space and must be negotiated years ahead.

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