PCSO Reductions Get rid of em all, waste of time.

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    Get rid of the useless police and crime commissioners, that would free up a lot of funds for more police , after all each one costs £200k a year with their deputies etc , food for thought!!!


    Mike Davies

    sportsboy – Not actually true. Prior the the PCC’s running the Police Forces, that work was done by the Police Authorities. There is plenty of information on the internet which shows that it was a pretty similar cost.

    Here is just one set of information which was obtained by a FIO in West Mercia

    “…. However, as a comparison, it might be useful to consider the staffing
    budget for the Police Authority and compare that with the PCC office.

    The staffing budget for 2011/12 for the West Mercia Police Authority was
    £765,000. (This includes staff and member allowances).

    The staffing budget, 2012/13 including Part Year Commissioner’s costs was
    £774,000. (Includes part year members allowances and part year
    Commissioners salary.

    The full year effect of Commissioners budget in 2013/14 is £730,000
    (includes Commissioner and team only).”



    The point I am making is what do we need them for , waste of money ( police commissioner that is ) .


    Mike Davies

    The thing is, you have to have either a PCC office or another body such as the Police Authority of the past. Either way there will be the cost. Sorry but you cannot just get rid, it doesn’t work like that.

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