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    With all this talk of car park increases and reduced bin collections it is quite clear WCBC cannot manage.

    In order to reduce the complaints from public and town centre traders has a Pay As You Go Scheme been considered?

    To implement this Crematorium and Cemetery charges would need to be quadrupled bringing in extra funds, whilst the donor couldn’t care a shit.



    Do you mean things like people could book in bin services and pay for them individually? There is a private company in Wrexham (ASH) who will do additional non-council collection day lifts of your bin for ยฃ15 a time.

    If the council offered a fairer price than that then quite a lot of people would consider paying for it if they produced a lot of waste and then the ones that didn’t want to pay could reduce their black bin waste or haul it off to the skip.

    My only issue with this is that it would create a 2 tier system: those who can afford to pay and those who can’t. There are all the council tax exempt houses who would not be able to afford to pay for what the council would effectively be touting as premium services. Would areas with high levels of deprivation be left as smelly rubbish estates?

    What else could you put on PAYG? I can see people arguing things like they have no kids/grandkids in school so shouldn’t have to pay for their upkeep. Or if we’re really splitting hairs – nobody paying in is directly responsible for kids taken into care – as a collective we are paying for them.

    So my guess is you’d have to have a baseline council tax (massively reduced from what it is now) and then a set of pay as you go options – like a menu.

    Again issues here are: i) those who are council tax exempt won’t be able to afford these premium services (do you give them credits for X number of services each year?)

    ii) It effectively opens up Wrexham to be mass privatised – If black bin collections became pay as you go and attracted lots of private bin companies as rivals to the council service (e.g. we charge the same but wash your bin as well) then the council could then choose to decide there was sufficient private provision of services (like with busses – haha) and knock their bin collections on the head entirely. Leaving people who really can’t afford to be without a collection service entirely.

    Very interesting concept Jimbow as undeniably the council needs new ways of monetising things without removing vital services, but how they’d go about it and whether or not they have the competence and long term commitment is another thing.



    Matt. The Pay As You Go Scheme would be collected when the donor left this earth not whilst still here. Maybe I should have headed it a Pay When You’ve Gone Scheme.



    Matt. The Pay As You Go Scheme would be collected when the donor left this earth not whilst still here. Maybe I should have headed it a Pay When Youโ€™ve Gone Scheme.

    Sorry completely missed the context!



    Wrexham council is a joke, they put up council tax and do less! The roads are like driving on the moon and all your councillors are interested in is how much more money they can glean from the public.
    Wrexham Borough Council should be ashamed of themselves, have you seen what is going on around you? London, Hong Kong to mention but two! We are warned to report con men knocking on our doors but tell me, who are the biggest con men in the Wrexham area?
    Answers on a postcard please.

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