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    Council Watcher

    I don’t think anyone is opposed to brining people into the town and creating a different atmosphere as more people move in- the very practical issues of bins and parking however surly needs to be sorted. There are enough examples across Wrexham were this has never been done and the developments have just become eyesores and health risks.
    As far as the bins are concerned why the apartment residents can’t just put their rubbish in the relevant bin for the shop below their own space – or is this too simple.

    The other idea would be not to bring all of the shops back into use but to convert a couple into covered car parking.


    Born Acorn

    Given two of the three exits lead into the loading bay for the whole development I imagine bins would go there.



    Businesses have to pay extra for their bins to be emptied Council Watcher.



    The photo of the rear of Temple Row shows another area that has a bin problem. Further up from Temple Row you have the the Davies Brothers iconic gates fronting our grade one listed Parish Church, with the ever present bins on either side. Not the prettiest approach for a wedding or funeral. Bin and recycling locations are very important and the planning department need to make the developers make proper provision with the curtilage of the development. Residential development with the town centre are set to become common place so the Council need to set a standard from the beginning to protect the vista of the town.

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