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    Ioan y Ffin

    It is hardly onerous expecting users to contribute towards the costs of public services; country parks will and should continue to be subsidized by tax payers as a whole. as for the statement “why make people pay for the privilege of improving their mental health, fitness, and reducing the strain on the NHS.” it is not a privilege, it’s an imperative. it really is just a case of people having the wit to redirect their expenditure from unhealthy choices: alcohol, netflix/sky, takeaways, etc etc. towards healthier ones. the council can only do so much, unless we are going to ask people who make sensible choices to spend even more of their money and the council to allocate even more of its dwindling funds helping those who seem incapable of realizing what is good for them. the public purse already spends a lot in this area. as for dog walkers in country parks, if you have bought a dog, why should the rest of us subsidize even more its ruddy walks with you. we already pay to clean up the dog sh*t.



    The information shows a drop in figures for every quarter, including when the parking was free. Given the already stated health and well being benefits for using the parks, surely this is what we should all, including Council and officers, be concerned about.



    Childoubt, now you’re just making things up. The ONLY place it says parking is down 8,000 is in this thread that you’ve begun. I am astonished with your answer, but not surprised. What a shameful answer. You are quoting as fact your own incorrect figures. Either that or you are really rubbish at maths. I’ll explain it one more time, given the highlighted numbers that you have seen.
    11,993 – 6,013 = 5,920.

    It is NOT 8,000 and NEVER will be. I am chilled by the way, I just find it odd that someone, given the facts, would rather disagree with them than admit that they are wrong. Toodle pip.



    It’s a walk in the park,not bloody Quantum physics…get a grip.



    Big brother,
    No, this thread is it the only place where I’ve made a ‘wild’ claim about 8,000.
    Maybe you’d care to look again?

    Visitors down before parking charges says Councillor – day after stating there was an ‘expected’ drop due to new fee

    If you’re struggling, I’d advise paying particular attention to the tweets.



    *is not


    Captain C

    The play area in The Alyn Country Park (Llay end) is paid for and maintained by Llay Community Council so why should the residents of Llay have to pay to take their children there?



    Bigbrother: No, i am not a dog walker. Although i see no reason as to why dog walkers should not have two 20 minutes walk a day, gaining all the health benefits that this would bring to both themselves and their dogs. Maybe you would prefer they become sedentary and put a strain on the NHS instead.

    I am guessing that you are one the councillors that voted this scheme in. I base this on:
    – You lack the intelligence to grasp the concept of the financial year
    – You lack the intelligence to grasp the concept of percentages
    – You struggle to read and interpret figures put before you
    – You’re still trying to convince people what a great scheme you have come up with

    The parking charges were implemented on 21st May 2018. This would mean the change occurred about half way through Quarter 1 as per the table of figures that has been released (it is quite clear if you bother to read these figures that they are based on the financial year). No figures have been released that do not include parking charges in at least part of the quarter concerned.

    Quarter 1: Drop of about 15% of cars (only half the period includes the parking charges
    Quarter 2: Drop of about 29% of cars (full period includes parking charges)
    Quarter 3: Drop of about 50% of cars (but only 2 out of 3 months of data included)
    Quarter 4: No figures because financial Q4 has not occurred yet

    I am sure you will be man enough to offer ChillDoubt an apology



    Blimey,throw a six to start,it’s still just a walk..



    Thanks for your excellent and informative post.
    Oddly, I too have my suspicions about Bigbrother, given the vehemence of his/her posts and stance in this.
    I assumed almost immediately that they are indeed a council employee but one specifically tasked to monitor and firefight any threads regarding scrutiny of our beloved council.
    Glad it’s not just me then…..!

    As for the apology I’m not holding my breath.

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