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    Captain C

    I am all for free parking (and toilets) and for the good of the shops etc’ in Caergwrle I hope it remains free.

    My list of business’ in Caergwrle was to point out that there is a lot to go to there for and should be supported by us all.

    On saying that the car park is usually full and I suspect some of the cars are owned by folk traveling into Wrexham by train as it saves parking fees in town.



    I think the car park is almost certainly owned by Flintshire CC



    Blimey! There are more businesses in Caergwrle than there are in Wrexham town centre!

    Mrs Crewe
    Mrs Crewe

    There is even more uproar in Mold they are threatening to raise the parking charges from 40p for two hours to 50p and to a whole £1 for all day, the horror, the horror! It’s the idea of a Wrexham infiltrator, a member of Wrexham Streetscene who moved to FCC, taking his dangerous Wrexham thinking with him!

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