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    One has to ask why would anyone want to move the Oriel Gallery to a very run down uninspiring place like the Peoples Market an image which is the most uncultivated that you could possibly have.
    This looks like yet another piece of the Wrexham Jigsaw. There are lots of pieces but know one in the Council seems to have the picture they want to create.
    Now here is the insider information–
    There is a need for some new staff offices for when they pull down Crown Buildings for the new Waterworld (if it ever happens)- Lampit Street does not have enough so along comes Oriel Gallery — not very big but there will be smaller staff teams with the next round of staffing cuts. Officers would have considered making part of the Peoples Market into offices but who would want to work there!
    The cafe in the Library and Oriel is run privately so the Council could care less if their income drops – in the short term it wont affect the Council as they will still collect the rent even though there will be less foot fall.
    The Council are now also worried that the venture to use empty shops as art gallery and display space is now going to hit the Council. If the Council need to save money on non statutory services why don’t they hand over all of the Exhibitions to the guys (and gals) running Un deg un in Regent Street.

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