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    Maureen Gray

    I’m well prepared to be ridiculed, but in these days of cutbacks everywhere you look, isn’t it about time that the Government and their puppets the WAG, streamlined to one set of ministers, dissolve the government/token opposition panto and form proper groups to look at providing proper services. The rest can either go back to their home constituance [they may need sat nav] or get a real job. People will say you need opposition but is their really any anymore, all political parties are the same really and there is only the same amount of money available. People talk about mergers for WCBC & FCC but as with everthing the council, the NHS, its still top heavy with more and more importance put on key indicators and reaching impossible paper targets when there are services, staff and patients being affected!!:confused:



    A total review would certainly be more effective but clearly the remit of the Williams Commission was only to look at Local Government – although not Local Government as such but Community Council also provide some services yet little is talked about this tier- they may be small in most instances but some such as Offa have a large income.

    We now have:
    Welsh Government
    Regional Partnership Board — Yes there is one consisting of the Leaders and the Chief Executives of the six North Wales Authorities
    Local Councils
    Community and Town Councils
    Each and every tier has a cost – which are value for money, which are duplication

    Mrs Crewe
    Mrs Crewe

    Welsh Government – not my fault I didn’t vote for it.


    Maureen Gray

    @Mrs Crewe 17824 wrote:

    Welsh Government – not my fault I didn’t vote for it.

    Well that’s ok then Mrs Crewe, there was me thinking it was all your fault!

    You fool, you have just let slip that you are an MP, AM, Local Councillor or a so called self appointed, self righteous nimby COMMUNITY COUNCILLOR!

    You are obviously well inform, but missed my point completely [typical councillor type, out of touch] top level people having no idea of the issues, voting on mass to cut services then make a fuss in public that ‘their’ wards are being discriminated against!

    This is rife across the country – in local authorities, NHS, the dole and the other many organisations – targets, targets, targets and never mind the poor-gets who are waiting, struggling or working hard to deliver.

    Ah well, at least the weather is nice, or is it?
    The sun has not reached its quota for the month, so I have brought in consultants to look into it, they recommend setting up a big LED light on the moon to replace the failing sun that has worked so well for so many years. Sounds a bit for fetched….mmm….

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