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    I support the idea of useful occupation – though I wouldn’t make their home dependent on it.
    The WAG money is ringfenced to tackle homelessness. It can’t be spent on anything else.



    Angie – you are looking at one pot of funding only – the Supported People funding is totally separate and can be used to support people who have substance issues that may or may not have a roof over their head- As I have said before the solving of current problems is unlikely to require additional funding but using what is available more effectively. This actually means those who are homeless or have substance issues needing to commit some of their benefits funding to help support their own change.

    Without people on the street and those with substance issues having personal goals to aim for and a personal willingness to work towards the goals it does not matter how much support is being offered change wont occur. The steps towards the goals very often need to be very small acknowledged and praised before getting to the next goal.

    A concerted effort to support people onto the 12 Steps to Recovery programme would be potentially see some miracles happening across Wrexham- this proven programme is one for anyone involved with substances misuse should read.



    Now that does make some sense. Alcoholics Anonymous have done wonders. They have to want change.

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