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    Mat do you seriously think that this is Mark Pritchard putting this block in place – I think you need to look further along the Executive table! Also who are the legal advisors that are putting forward such spurious reasons. Mark P may be the deliverer of the message but the originator – I don’t think so..

    A report to the Council Standards Committee should be made

    No more so than Theresa May being in charge of the country, but with leadership comes responsibility and his portrayal of his part of said running of Wrexham Council comes across in the manner which I described. I am not the only one who has been critical of his political style and perceived actions.



    The letter needed to be much shorter & to the point. Do you know the answer to your own questions or where you would go to find answers?



    Well I presume that the council have records of their own budgets. They keep saying they’ve got a plan – so let’s hear it.
    As for the 2 FOI requests, I’d imagine that the housing records are a good place to start for the data on rehousing and the registry of births and deaths a starting point for the data on deaths.
    Both offices are within 20 yards of the guildhall – one is actually inside it!
    Am I missing something?



    I would object most strongly if a councillor I voted into office, no matter what party, wasted his/her valuable time trawling through BMD or housing records. Or paid staff either for that matter.
    I voted for them to do the best they could for the all the people in the Borough of Wrexham not for a handful of itinerants. The same applies to budgets.
    I would say that if you wanted answers on births, marriages & deaths that it should be up to you to give of your own time voluntarily.



    Out of curiosity then, if you don’t see addressing the very real social issues in the town as the role of the council, what do you consider to be their role?
    Surely any plan should start with looking at the scale of the problem, the effectiveness of previous interventions, what the budget is and how you’ll measure future success?
    Incidentally – if you’re thinking of a purely fiscal system of governance, they pay outside contractors to do that, so what role is there for the elected officials?



    Sometimes we just have to take responsibility for our own actions. As for addressing social issues I would expect them first & foremost to look after the majority of whom most are law abiding.

    In the past I have been concerned for the homeless population of the town but in your own words you admit that many have been in prison for theft, many are drug addicts & that some are not actually homeless.

    You didn’t give an answer to whether you would wish them to live next door to your elderly grandparents as you no longer have any. In that case, would you be happy for them to live next door to your grandchildren?

    It seems to me that there is always someone else to blame. And the answer is just to throw money at it.



    What you maybe don’t get is that the social problems are everyone’s problems. Recidivist behaviour is halved in this group once they have a stable home. That means that your ‘law abiding citizens’ are safer.
    The type of crimes these individuals are imprisoned for are pretty thefts of food and/or alcohol and small time shoplifting to fund their habit. These are not dangerous criminal masterminds.
    I’ve answered your question – I have no grandparents. I am a grandparent. They can be housed next to me when they’re ready to take that step – at the moment they’re not and need a lot of support.



    When they have a roof over their heads, are they not then evicted for causing a nuisance to neighbours and who is it who has to pay to clean up their mess after them?
    If drugs can be bought then so can food. Theft for whatever reason is wrong.
    I would be devastated if they were re-homed next door to my vulnerable elderly grandparents or impressionable young children. That would begin yet a new cycle of social problems.
    I think that we will have to agree to differ on this topic.



    They can be housed next to me when they’re ready to take that step – at the moment they’re not and need a lot of support.

    So if they’re not ready to be housed next to you, where would you have them housed?


    In a flagrant display of arrogance and misogyny

    *rolls eyes*

    Tell me, Ms. Hammons (a felicitous name, given your impressive girth), how many of Wrexham’s so-called homeless have you admitted into your home?

    What’s that? None?

    Then why do you expect the rest of us to pay to house these parasites?

    If you truly cared for the “plight” of these undesirables, you would make the personal sacrifice.

    But that’s not the point, is it? The purpose of this indulgent agitation is to make yourself look and feel good. It’s just self-serving, hollow virtue signaling.

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