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    Hugh Bet

    All part of the ecosystem. If they didn’t then there would be even more birds. Not necessarily a good thing.

    Domesticated cats are not a native part of most ecosystems and have the same devastating effect on the environment as so many other non-native species do. Cats are considered an invasive species. They are opportunistic predators who will *hunt and kill even when they are not hungry. No populations of native species are safe (Duffy & Capece, 2012).

    * this includes not the feline friends of dagg and Rob



    Cats are vile killing machines and I have no idea why anyone would want to protect them let alone adopt one.

    Thank you for the invite but i shall not be in attendance.

    Do you not eat meat then ?


    Hugh Bet

    Anon…. you like a cat, and all of your other ‘anon’ posts, pointless.

    Cats feed not on their prey, they, like humans kill for fun.

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