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    This is what happens when you rise up and refuse to comply with rules laid down and very few restrictions are put in place for fear of infringement on liberty.


    Coronavirus Cases: 17,575,676
    Deaths: 317,209
    New Cases: +251,269
    New Deaths: +3,561

    Yes, the US is bigger in population, but it’s hardly an advert for allowing us to be The Land of Do as You Please.



    Wrexham1 your attitude brings to mind someone playing Russian Roulette with your on life and those you come into contact with. I could nit care less what happens to you and the people with the same attitude but stop being so selfish and think about the impact of your behaviour on other people.
    I suggest you get in touch with one of the local undertakers and ask can you buy some Christmas Vouchers to give to those people you come into contact with as you clearly are likely to give Covid to someone as a Christmas present.


    Unfortunately the world is full of selfish idiots like wrexham1. Look at his past posts and he is a real hater.

    Hope he stays in Chester they deserve him

    - STAY AT HOME -


    Comment 8or

    The figures for the USA are staggeringly high. We’ve all seen the footage of tightly packed idiots yelling at rallies refusing to wear their masks and the White House staffers contracting the disease. I just hope though, that we don’t look at their figures down our noses and think it won’t happen here, in ‘lil old Wales. The population of the US is just above 330m. The population of Wales is just above 3m, and we’re all familiar with the spread of people in Wales. The number of Covid related deaths in the US is around 317,209 (sadly, these figures increase day on day). The number of Covid deaths in Wales stands around 2,973. If we divide the population of the US by that of Wales, we get around 110, so if we multiply the number of deaths that have occurred in Wales by this figure we get 327,030m. So you see, we’re no ‘better’ as a society, and there is no room for complacency. Regardless of where the cases are, and I think the WG should have reacted to the rising cases in SE Wales far sooner for all our sakes, cases will follow wherever there are people. So, unless you live on your own remote island, you have to take care and adhere strictly to the communal guidelines and at the end of the day, if it is made into law, we all have to follow it regardless of what you personally may think about the merits of it. That way we might all stay alive and get to live with less restrictions.

    And don’t forget, if you do fancy going to Chester for a meal, it is (England) Tier 2 and so you are restricted to going with members of your household only. Personally, I’d settle for trying a recipe and cooking it myself to give my household a treat. Get a home delivery from a well-managed respectable food outlet if you fancy a posher meal.

    Some people are having to make bigger decisions on the domestic front this Christmas than going to Chester though. Some parents will have ordered their turkey and invited their sons and daughters round for dinner, as allowed under the previous arrangements. How are they now going to choose who to cancel and which one to invite? That’s like choosing your favourite child. In practice of course they won’t do that, and will now be cancelling Christmas this year to keep everyone safe (and legal) and hope it’s all over by Easter.

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