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    It’s interesting because there’s reportedly a new variant strain of Covid (but not sure if yet backed up by scientific and medical proof) that has been blamed for the spike in London cases, pushing it into an England Tier 3 on Wednesday.

    I wonder if true, if the huge spike in South Wales has been caused by a so called variant strain. I mean they’re all connected down there by the M4, whereas us Northerners, especially North Waleans don’t have quite such the transport links with either South Wales or London.

    I’ve only heard the information from politicians so far, which is why I provide the information with a could be unfounded caveat.



    There are a number of issues about local lockdown — how local is local? If it is looking at County level then some areas with a low county overall figure will also be hiding areas within the county boundary that are high. When you break down to the lower levels as seen on these threads last week we have some areas with 450 per 100,000 across Wrexham whilst others parts are less than 75.
    Two Health Boards have now declared that they cant do any other health care in hospitals other than absolute emergencies due to the number of Covid patients- this will lead to a horrible situation when Dr’s will have to make decision on who can get treatment to try and save their life and who will be declined medical attention to safe a life and only receive a palliative response.
    The Rainbow Hospital in Deeside is designed as a step down facility and not Intensive Care – we also do not have sufficient trained Intensive Care staff to run more beds than those in General Hospitals.
    We still fundamentally have the ongoing non medical condition around Covid which many people seem to have caught and that is preventing them from behaving with common sense. Once this side effect is sorted then we could see significant drop in the infection rates.


    Comment 8or

    There are issues with a local lockdown, which I fully accept. There is no easy, clear-cut solution. A County lockdown will always be unfair on some areas of low cases, just not on the same scale as a national lockdown. At the other end of the equation, if you drill down locally too much and impose local restrictions, it becomes a recipe for utter confusion as the situation is so fluid and prone to change each week no-one will have a clue. Borras and Rhosnesni was the area with the highest number of case on the most recent NHS list. You wouldn’t impose a lockdown for just there and not in a neighbouring district for example. And it will likely be a different area anyway the following week. If a County is ‘hiding’ a district with a high number of cases within its boundary, but the overall level for the County is below the trigger level, these would be small pockets when looked at on a weekly basis, likely to change, and something to keep an eye on. It’s all about trying to strike the best balance. Watching an exponential increase in cases in areas of South Wales and not taking any direct intervention can’t be a sensible approach. And it doesn’t make sense to close a local well-run business in Wrexham because of an out-of-control outbreak escalating in Merthyr Tydfil, and even less sense if you include areas in North West Wales.

    The latest variant of the virus has arrived in Wales, somewhere, probably part of the huge South Wales spike. For it to arrive in here North Wales, which it will in time if not already here, we will have to wait for it to arrive in Liverpool or Manchester first. And let’s be honest, if it isn’t there yet, it will be tomorrow. It is these two main conurbations that feed people movement into and out of North Wales, and the virus is carried by people. There is very little migration or travel between north and south Wales – again, making a point against the merits of an all-Wales lockdown. This is mainly because of the appalling transport infrastructure between north and south and a lack of any common ground or need to travel. The roads, whilst scenic, are ridiculously slow, barely having had any investment (except Newtown) other than basic maintenance since their construction. The last time I had occasion to use the rail service to Cardiff, which was admittedly with Arriva, there were just two carriages (to an International rugby match), was slow and profoundly unreliable.



    Interesting that North Wales is going into lockdown, to avoid giving us a “second class” level of protection.

    Didn`t realise that Drakeford knew there was anything North of the RCT.

    Must be the first time North Wales has ever been lined up for anything other than a first class screwing; hang on, now it makes sense.



    Looking at the new restrictions, technically lockdown begins on Christmas Day and the reduction to 2 households means some already made plans will be in chaos as people forced to choose between different parts of their family with people either missing out or everyone deliberately breaking the rules.

    Bloody Merry Christmas.



    Easy to say with hindsight but it might have been better to say 2 months ago that Christmas was to be ristricted to individual households with the addition of one person living alone for this year.

    Should the situation improve by the Monday before Christmas then & only then allow 2 households to come together. It might have made people act a little diffeently in the run up to Christmas.

    Carrot & stick approach.



    Unfortunately Zinger carrots and sticks mean nothing in a primarily very self centred and short term thinking world where everyone is focussed on having their cake and eating it.



    Strange that the day after the latest lock down announcement, that the case’s of the virus have doubled overnight, computer problems apparently.



    That’s my table booked for Chester on the 29th, Drakeford can get stuffed now. Let’s be honest, more and more people are saying no to lockdown now, that much was obvious during the firebreak. As Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting the same result. Time for everyone to just use the basic precautions such as masks etc, but please rise up and refuse to obey any further lockdown



    Einstein had a very good point, vast swathes of idiots are deliberately avoiding repeatedly – lockdown restrictions each time with more fervour to the point of delusion.

    They think they are rising up and striking a blow against power and they don’t understand why restrictions have to be put in place in the first place. All they are doing really is prolonging misery for each and every one of us. As soon as rules are relaxed, people are asked to be sensible to keep numbers down but they can’t follow the rules in place even at this point so they have to enforce people’s behaviours and habits by using the law.

    When people go mad and take too many liberties then we all get punished as a group. That’s the definition of both insanity and inherent human selfishness in my books.

    Don’t get me wrong there are massive flaws and holes in the way that lockdowns are applied by the Governments across the UK to the point of frustration where people don’t understand what is going on and are able to easily find loopholes. There should be one clear simple set of rules across the whole of the UK that we can all follow at the same time, because despite high or low numbers in any given areas, community transmission can break out at the same speed anywhere. An area with low infections can become a high risk area within 7 days.

    The problem is the Government are at one end of the spectrum and the other end of the spectrum are those who won’t play by any rules and are just asymptomatically spreading Covid around and not caring and are being pig ignorant to it. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Loads of us aren’t happy about the restrictions that keep happening, there’s a lot we’ve all missed this year, but I’m not going to be a complete Berk about it and I’m going to get on with things the best I can so that I’m not responsible for risking anyone else’s health. I’d much rather be alive for a long time to try and hold the government to account for years than think risking being on a ventilator is sticking 2 fingers up and makes me some kind of hero.

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