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    A tier four lockdown to go right through January.



    With Wrexham infection rates as bad as they are, it appears they are still only half those of South Wales.

    Still only chance of Drakeford finding North Wales is if his lad ends up in Berwyn.



    Yes, I heard there was a ridiculously high level in some regions in South Wales compared with Wrexham.

    I was reading between the lines as to what is coming. In regards to the claim that the whole of Wales is already in the equivalent of an England Tier 3 and that there’s no realistic chance of current measures and everyone pulling together to get cases down – given the season of merriment.

    It seems to be quite alarming that despite cases rising sharply in Wales and suddenly again in England we are going to be having what we can call a Christmas at any cost, which includes lives.

    The trouble is no politicians want to be an Oliver Cromwell and state that Christmas is cancelled. So I’m guessing we are facing a more severe lockdown and for longer in the new year (note how there’s going to be no guaranteed end date on this one).

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    Matt i am sorry but i will have to withdraw your invite to join the X family for Christmas Dinner. Mrs is a bad cook anyway so its a small blessing.

    On a serious note, i had to get a taxi to the Maelor and the driver was telling me how busy they are picking up from house parties as well as taking groups to Chester and Liverpool.

    I would be happy to see Christmas locked down for everyone if it means surviving until the vaccine is rolled out to us all. It won’t happen. People will spread COVID far and wide and the areas with fewest cases will get a Santa shocker.

    Its only ONE year! Is it too much to ask people to behave. They aren’t celebrating JC’s birthday after all.

    It makes me sad.

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    Will Mr Drakeford tell us where the Christmas Markets are situated!



    The figures for Wrexham as a whole may be lower than those in South Wales – but the figure is an average so this implies there are some areas in Wrexham that are a lot higher and will be in the 400 plus.
    We really can’t be complacent young peole out of schools next week – will parents keep their children in?
    Christmas shopping crowds?
    It is no wonder they are already saying we will be in lockdown again after Christmas and we are months away from seeing any significant numbers of people being vacinated.
    The best way to help everyone and stop the spread over the festive season is for some people to regain their commonsense which has disappered as part of the side effects of Covid.



    Firebreak started on 23rd Oct on the 24th there were 50 new cases in Wrexham
    During firebreak period daily figures ranged between 33 & 102 including 80-90 cases in Maelor
    Firebreak ended 9th Nov (18 new cases), 1 week later – 33 new cases, 2 weeks later 43 new cases

    30th Nov (19 new cases – alcohol ban comes in) 12th Dec (50 new cases)

    Have either of these restrictions made much difference to new case numbers in Wrexham? I can’t make up my mind. I don’t really think that they have.



    The answer Zinger is no because inter-home mixing and transmission has continued throughout all of these restrictions. There is no way to stop people mixing in private dwellings because it can’t be policed unless people have massive parties.

    The browbeating lecture messages telling people not to mix over Christmas is being broadly ignored because people actually have permission to go mad for 5 days across the UK.

    The reality is we’re going to have a major lockdown in January and then we’ll see how the vaccinations go before we maybe see a return to less restrictive ways in the Spring.


    Comment 8or

    I don’t know to what extent people are following Covid advice and, whilst I believe the majority of people are doing so, some never will. The fear (and likelihood) is that many will relax and gather together over Christmas and that we are all in store for a major Tier 4 Lockdown in January/February, as cases are bound to soar. I agree with the advice that we should all maintain our self-discipline to see this through. There will be light at the end of the tunnel by Summer hopefully, so let’s try and ensure we are still here to enjoy it.

    What I don’t understand is why Mr Drakeford isn’t adopting a targetted approach to the pockets of known Covid high cases problem-areas?

    If you look at the Covid cases across Wales, as provided by the BBC, the average number of cases for Wales per 100,000 is 450. The highest number in North Wales is Wrexham, with 249 cases per 100,000. These figures are rising. Some areas are obviously causing the average figure for Wales to rise out of proportion.

    If you look at the current MSOA tag of the NHS site, which provides figures of new cases per district over 7 rolling days, from 3rd to 9th December, you can see where these areas are.

    It is not my intention to get bogged down with statistics here, mainly because they change so much from day to day. But the below is meant to provide a sample snapshot for information.

    New cases in areas in Wrexham County over this period were in the 20’s at the highest. And I’m not sure if this includes HMP Berwyn and the Maelor Hospital. That’s still too high, and is currently rising, but the following new cases are the highest areas in Wales over the same 7-day period, and are also still rising:

    Bridgend 149
    Swansea 134
    Caerphilly 125
    Rhondda Cynon Taf 110
    Merthyr Tydfil 106
    Port Talbot 102

    I accept that more testing has taken place in these areas and that where tests are carried out, cases will inevitably rise as a consequence. But this is clear evidence of identified, and rising, Covid problem areas and surely requires urgent direct intervention, right now. Why doesn’t he target these specific areas and adopt the approach we see in Germany and enforce an immediate district Lockdown? Surely this will save lives. He doesn’t seem to wish to admit that the main problem is in the South East of Wales. Some are calling for an all-Wales Lockdown now and whilst I can see the argument for that, particularly in the build up to Christmas, I would prefer a targetted approach. We should have a weekly ‘new cases per 100,000’ target and if reached in any Council area, then they too should go into Tier 4 to improve social distancing and practices until reduced. There is no sense in waiting until after Christmas, it should start now. This might help encourage a greater community focus and collective effort. Doing nothing can’t be an option.

    Why should someone face a Lockdown in areas of low cases because Covid is out of control in some parts of South East Wales?



    I can’t understand why they are sending people with the virus to the Maelor hospital, why not send them directly to Deeside Nightingale hospital. That’s what it was built for.

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