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    Maureen Gray

    OMG, town centre shops to reopen soon, I for one am gagging, gonna be first in the Q for the pound shops and….er..oh, er. Primark of course, canna wait! Might camp over night outside Millets. Whoopyfindo!!



    Millets? It has been a long time indeed since you visited the town centre hasn’t it Maureen?


    Sooner the better we open, thousands are going to Cheshire oaks and into Chester to shop. It’s revenue we could do with. I bet the same is happening all over Wales if they are close enough to the border.



    People were going to Chester and the Cheshire oaks when Wrexham was open so I don’t think it would make much difference anyway.


    It’s not just Wexham, the news says that it’s happening all over the length and breadth of Wales. Just look at the queues in the shops just over the border.



    I cannot seriously think anyone believes that there will be a sudden surge of shoppers when they are allowed to open- many business were on their beam end before Covid.

    Covid has had a massive impact on High Streets but no retailer can blame this for their downturn it was happening long before- all that has happened now is fare more people are having Amazon type or supermarket deliveries.

    Will you want to buy items from a clothes shop that have been mauled by people before-
    Will you want to push past people in queues to wait to get in or to pay for items

    Reality check shopping in towns will never be the same again-
    Reality check many of the shops that closed before Covid will not be opening again
    Many shops that do open will survive for a short period to get cash in by selling existing stock but not replenish.

    The biggest reality check is that we will get a second wave within a month of reopening retail. Welsh people going over the border to busy stores in England have a huge risk of catching Covid and spreading to their family and friends.

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    Whilst Covid is still a major threat, it’s not really logical to go rushing off to your favourite retail store. However, a people have been stuck in lockdown for several months, they probably are seeking the incredibly mundane activity of going shopping for clothes etc… to seek some kind of normality of what they are used to.

    Unfortunately it does come with a risk and Jane is right, a large majority of retail stores – especially local independent ones will not re-open or will fail before Christmas. You can see other larger retailers are trimming the fat already and closing unprofitable stores and making thousands of job cuts.

    This doesn’t mean physical retail is dead, but it will definitely change. There are local businesses who have done well out of Covid, businesses like Orchard Pigs. Most consumers didn’t have a clue who they were before lockdown but people are flocking there now. There was a point when they were the only business who had flour in stock for sale in the county.

    But in terms of the town centre – the council have already realised that charging for car parking for retailers is a dead duck and it will be interesting to see what happens with business rates and rents if nobody is able to stay open and fill up units. The premiums of the town’s Central Business District are now well and truly gone.



    That absolute loon we have in charge down south has lost the plot completely, talking, or dithering about perhaps opening tennis courts when the whole Welsh economy is in bits. Open the shops, open Wales for business, get people back to work and for goodness sake ditch this so called 5-mile rule before we all become unemployed.
    Ken Skates issued a warning on welsh unemployment today and its frightening, Drakeford is only interested in scoring political points as seen in his last daily briefing, he is not looking after anyone and certainly not interested in the welsh economy. The instances of Covid are dropping and continue to drop but our economy is continuing to die because the WAG refuse to exercise common sense.

    We all, or at least all the sensible ones understand what we need to do, wash our hands, keep social distance as much as possible and be careful. It is all good sensible advice; we can do all this and still carry on with our daily lives.

    Let us give the shops in our town centre a fighting chance to survive, let us give our hospitality businesses the chance to become viable before summer is over. In Wales we rely on tourism and visitors, the Mountain Zoo and many fantastic attractions are in dire straits financially, all outside and able to manage social distancing. What is the problem? apart from Drakeford. People want to visit, look at Chester Zoo and Knowsley Safari park, open with sensible precautions, fully booked for weeks ahead and more importantly making money.
    Get Wales open for business again.

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    Personally, I’m happy that Drakeford has been cautious about reopening.
    Yes it’s a bit of a pain, yes I’d love to see my friends and family… but I also want them to still be safe and alive to visit in the first place. If this *relatively* short term pain facilitates that in the end, I’m all for it.

    As for businesses, it’s a tough situation they find themselves in. Personally, I believe that Covid has changed the landscape of doing business in a positive manner ( pushing online, work from home, exploring technology) these are things I’ve been pushing for for years. I genuinely do think at some point in the not too distant future, companies having big buildings will be a thing of the past as the push would be towards a more modest building, coupled with hot desking sites in population centres (essentially a bloody big room with standard office set ups that anyone can “rent” for x amount of time) as well as people working from home etc. Heck, potentially even allowing some people to live a kind of digital nomad life (travel with the security of having a job and income).

    Yes, right now it is tough. I’m the generation who came into the employment market on the back end of the financial crash in 07/08, have lived (are living) through austerity and now this. What the governments (uk and WG) need to do now is support entrepreneurship like they never have before in order to get some sustainable job growth in and ultimately, grow ourselves out of this situation.


    Maureen Gray

    Great Post Conde 🐩

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