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    I can’t see anything happening with the building anytime soon. Its a lively building but doesn’t lend itself well to modern usage due to its high ceilings and sizes of rooms. To convert a building of that age would cost more than a purpose build development. Flats would be a good option, but they would have to be luxury developments and I can’t see them selling well in Wrexham.


    This has all the makings of a mess and I suspect that what the Americans call a satisficing solution will have to be found. This is based on the second best principle where there is no best likely outcome so whilst we can all expend sweat on seeking best outcomes these will not happen.

    My best outcome would be that:

    The Historic buildings were retained

    The Covenant was honoured and the buildings used for Educational purposes

    The Educational purpose of this school was in keeping with the Gove initiatives in England and some form of locally run structure emerged that would offer the very highest Educational possibilities in (say) the Arts, Science, Humanities, Sport, etc

    That I had a job teaching History within the school (an ambition based upon the fact that I can’s get anywhere with applications for this type of job)

    Once we all realise that we can’t get what we want, we need to focus on what it is that we least want and work backwards. For me, it’s the fear that these buildings which lend a real ambience to the town, will disappear. If the Covenant is solid, then I hope that some sort of Educational shuffle can take place, some less significant piece of space can be sold off and the site and buildings at least preserved.



    The built environment needs green spaces for people’s well-being. The circumstances of this site make it a straight forward decision to use it for the benefit of the community as a whole.

    It’s use needs to be decided in the context of the whole town & county future needs.



    Its a wonder no housing association has bought it to build another hotel for the town drunks & alkies from cheshire.


    Y Ffin

    Offer the site to anyone wanting to establish a free school. It’s sad seeing Grove Park which was a place of learning rather than just a bunch of class rooms stuck together in a big box, going to waste.

    locallad;7703 wrote:
    Its a wonder no housing association has bought it to build another hotel for the town drunks & alkies from cheshire.

    Why not name and shame the association and ‘hotel’ were this allegedly happens?


    Who did build the Guildhall?



    I don’t know but it isn’t exactly an outstanding feature.

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