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    What a pity that it appears Sports Direct are getting cold feet about opening in the old BHS- any retailer who misses two Christmas trading periods must be uncertain.
    For whatever reason they are delaying it is devastating blow to the town development as other traders will now probably hold back taking space in Henblas Street – without an anchor store in place brining footfall the attractiveness of the location diminishes significantly.
    It is not that the company are not expanding as they are recruiting for staff in five new stores on their web site.
    Perhaps they have done their own review of footfall in the area which has prompted the delay- whatever it is somebody needs to be talking with them to encourage the development.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    I really can’t see how the opening of a Sports Direct shop is going to significantly increase footfall.

    The majority of the adverts are for Temporary Christmas Sales Assistants, so hardly an expansion.



    There are already 2 Sports Direct stores in Wrexham, so it is unclear why we’d actually need a third – there’s more than enough places to get your discount sporting gear.

    If Ashley’s Sports Direct is the anchor for the rejuvenation area then I’d suggest that anchor is made of paper.

    The man is currently fighting battles left, right and centre.

    His attempts to derail Debenhams’ rescue package so he can play corporate raider were defeated in court today

    10,000 season tickets at Newcastle remain unsold in protest against his running of the club

    Mike Ashley now happy to rely on Manchester United fans filling St James Park

    Sports Direct currently doesn’t even have an accounts auditor as the Big 4 won’t touch the company due to reputational risk

    Sports Direct ignores deadline and continues auditor hunt



    Perhaps it maybe an outlet store for the crap they can’t sell at the other two.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Henblas Street ground floor could be a location for this new ‘wellbeing village’ that was being discussed recently. There isn’s the money in Wrexham to justify all the retail space currently available and it is hard to see that state of affairs changing soon. We need to continue finding new and additional uses for the town centre.



    There needs to be drastic change, there are too many empty units in the main areas of the town centre for it to be a simple fix.

    It will be nice to see more independent restaurants and indepedent retailers to be encouraged, though costs are currently too high for wide investment.

    Many of the units need to be converted into housing, it is already happening, it is the only way to increase the footfall in the area to attract businesses.

    Sports Direct would surely close at least one of their stores if they do ever open, so its not ideal by any means. There doesn’t seem to be much actvity in Eagles Meadow not even a whisper of interest in their available units, so Sports Direct leaving would be a huge worry for them.

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