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    I would like to see the Council calibrate in detail the options available to them and at least try to adopt one or two core principles:

    Firstly, I would hope that the Council will try its very best to strip crude politics from all its decision making

    Secondly, I would hope that it will be the interests of the Community at large that are placed at the very heart of decision making.

    Thirdly, I would like to see the Council try and cooperate with any neighbouring authority to deliver key essential services (and derive savings thereby) in order to best preserve services.

    Fourthly, I would like to see all superfluous public sector land and buildings returned to the private sector (as appropriate) in order to return equity to the Council coffers (whilst ensuring that this is not an assault, for example, on school playing fields)

    Fifthly, I would like to see the Council desist from indulging in all activities where a more appropriate provision by the private sector is available.

    These are just some broad based thoughts but, in practice, might include selling off the Markets to the Market traders OR at least passing Management authority over.

    Looking at some sort of quasi-Clwyd scenario

    Encouraging private management of say the Stiwt or the Memorial Hall

    Selling off the non covenanted prime town centre Council properties and trying to make good use of the Groves School in some sort of reshuffled Council property holding

    Assessing the value added to Community outcomes of various departments and individuals therein



    If the council are on about the amount of times the streets are cleaned, pass this over to the probation service for those on Community Payback & Probation carryout.Also get the long term unemployed cleaning the streets,for their easily gained benefits.



    Transfer all Council homes to a Private housing Scheme,even if tenants disagree with it.



    We all understand the sadness of cuts and savings, but we have all had to do this for the last five years. We need a new “whole plan” for Wrexham.

    While the Council talk about cuts, more progressive councils are changing the shape of the future, and have been doing do for some years.



    The council could save thousands per year if they stop putting the multiple colours of surfacing down on top of the Tarmac everywhere. It doesn’t last long anyway so it just looks a mess 12 months down the line (then needs doing again).

    Have you seen the junction of Town Hill and Brook St ? What’s all the red for ? Ruabon Road, the bus stop is painted green, why ? What does it achieve ?

    It probably has it’s place in some situations but it’s as if the council have just gone mad and want to stick it down in as many places as possible.



    I can’t see that it serves a useful purpose either. I much prefer it to look clean rather than pretty.



    The danger with the need to make cuts is that they can have a long term impact on the town. The proposed cut in the initial proposition, which I hope is no longer being considered, to reduce the spending on economic development is to me very worrying. This is one of the areas where Wrexham needs to invest and needs to bolster economic activity so that in the future the council may not need to make as wide ranging cuts. However some cuts are fairly simple cases to green-light, such as Connect and twinning visits.

    Similarly tying this in with approaching the private sector seems logical. The private sector can be used to help bring funds into the council coffers and can run sites – Also the communities can run certain sites with potential backing by funding sources from private sector/third sector/other backers. It is testing times, cuts are an unfortunate part and parcel of the current climate – but hopefully with some intelligence the cuts can have a minimal impact the real social, cultural and economic heart of the area.



    If the community can have a mature debate … where do we stand with a proposal from the democratically elected

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