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    Following on from this report ‘Grim’ Council Cuts Probable As Shortfall Predicted To Grow | Wrexham.com where the amount of cuts needed is looking highly likely to increase.

    The contents of the Council’s PDF gives an example of possible cuts for an average council, including:
    The report gives an example of possible ‘reshaping’ of an ‘average sized Welsh Council’. To be clear this is not proposals for Wrexham but an illustration on how cuts could appear:

    -Cut expenditure on cultural services by 75% over the next two years, potentially closing art galleries and museums
    -A 25% reduction in spend on planning in 2014/15
    -Close down all sports and leisure facilities if they cannot be transferred to third sector or operated commercially (without subsidy) by mutual or arms-length organisations
    -Reduce libraries expenditure by 50% over a two year period, keeping open half of those facilities that will act as hubs for welfare reform changes.
    -Reduce highways spend by a quarter in 2015/16
    -Switch off up to 50% of street lights from midnight to 5am in 2014/15 and all from 2015/16
    -Cut spend on economic development by a half in 2015/16
    -Cutting general administration and back office budgets by a quarter in 2015/16
    -Cutting third sector funding in half in 2015/16.



    Wrexham Council look set to receive less money from the Welsh Assembly and will be faced with many difficult decisions, yet the same Assembly has found enough money to give every one of the 22 county councils in Wales £40,000 each to introduce the live broadcasting of meetings on the Internet! I am sure Wrexham Council would have preferred the choice of how to spend that money rather than being told! Like any family budget all needs should be covered first before any fripperies!


    Welsh Dresser

    Unfortunately the soft targets, libraries and leisure, will bear the brunt. It’s very hard on everyone but if the budget is cut the services provided will be reduced. It will be interesting to see how the council evolves in the future.



    It was mentioned in another thread, but I think the only way forward might be a reversal of the changes made to local government in 1996 ie the return of Clwyd. It’s a grim outlook if those are indeed the type of cuts we can expect.



    @wrexham was tweeted this – View Notice – Sell2Wales by @CarlNant

    Basically a job advert to aid ‘Lean interventions’, which I would assume is with this as the backdrop.

    Interesting that the pay is detailed as :

    The commercial basis for this engagement will be:
    – Fixed lump sum payment for diagnostic review work. This should be recoverable through the implementation phase, provided that it is progressed.
    – Risk reward payment for implementation of findings – the supplier will be paid entirely according to cashable benefits realised. Based on the “delivered” phase.
    – Cap on reward – there will be a ‘cap’ placed on the reward payments made.
    – Clear outcomes must be identifiable and achievable in relation to all recommendations.
    – Financial and, where necessary performance, baseline to be signed off by s.151 officer before commencement of the diagnostic.
    – Agreement of scope of opportunities to be determined ahead of the diagnostic work, for example, ceasing a service will not contribute to the financial gain for the purposes of risk and reward payments.

    So part pay based off savings and closing stuff down is not seen as something that should be rewarded for the consultant!



    Is the bottom line of all that, the Council are going to pay consultants to tell them where/how to make the cuts?


    Welsh Dresser

    It’s the same in other public services. Spend money to save money. I have news for them, it doesn’t work!



    This is only the start, things are going to get much worse…….



    The press reports say that we can expect a 2% to 3% cut per year in the local budget when announcements are made in mid October. We have all had to make much bigger cuts than this in our work & home budgets!



    Just merged the two threads as this is also about the shortfall.

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