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    Llayby lilly

    What an appalling catalogue of incompetence and abuse of trust! Fair play to Ian Lucas for perusing this case…reading this will make your blood boil…! Typical BS from NWP about “learning lessons”, whilst Mark Polin slips out the back door to join BUCHB on £100,000+ and a very healthy police pension!

    Read it and weep…



    Totally agree. Just another cover-up.If they had of done their jobs properly, this poor man who had suffered for a long time may have still been alive today. I can not believe people kept their jobs & no charges were brought. They even let 1 incompetent person join the police. What a joke. Disgusting.



    I heard Ian Lucas bring up this case in Parliament. He has stuck with this case to the bitter end.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Has the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales made a public statement about the findings? He is normally very quick to put out public statements, so I await his explanations and how he personally intends to ensure that lessons are indeed learned (to use a tired old cliche) and applied.

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