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    A particular bugbear of mine…
    I like quiet, I’m sure a lot of people do, and I’m always careful not to make noise for others. but not everyone is so considerate.
    I am lucky enough to have a neighbour who has a penchant for petrol powered lawnmower and hedge trimmers rather than the silent electric variety. then there is the son who for some reason likes to charge his car battery by revving the engine really loud rather than using the mains. then later on decides to work on his dirtbike, revving the engine over and over again.
    in the winter, the double glazing helps, but in the summer the window needs to be open so I do not bake.
    I don’t get too angry about it because i figure, one day karma will come back round and they will find themselves with noisy neighbours when I go from here. maybe.

    but then there is the people who are going round on ATV’s lately.
    there is one that has been going round here recently and has actually woken me up on a few occasions. that is with my window closed. it’s just not right.
    what are your experiences with noise?

    perhaps you are a perpetrator of noise? if so, perhaps you can explain to the rest of us why you think it is ok to disturb everyone around you? perhaps there is a pressing need for it that we don’t quite get.



    Have to totally agree with you. I don’t mind if its every few weeks but like you say its a handful of people just have no consideration for others.
    We have a couple round here, 1has a motorbike which we have never seen him ride but he insists on starting a few times a week and revving the hell out of it for 10mins or so. The other neighbour has a fetish for bbq’s with loud music and once the bbq is out they then burn god knows what to keep warm, this normally smells like plastic, grass and anything that stinks when burnt.

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