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    I was turning right at Rhyd Broughton last night and at the last second spotted two “cyclists” oncoming at the last second and emergency stopped. They had no lights, dark clothing and all the reflectors had been removed.
    It was a close thing and the 2 teenagers didn’t seem to realise how close to serious injury they had come.
    I have asked the police in the past why they don’t enforce the law for cyclists and they just said it’s not priority.



    Agree Andy and I am a regular cyclist and cycling instructor. It pains me to say that some cyclists are their own worst enemy when it comes to annoing other road users.

    A hi- viz jacket costs less than a fiver and at least you can be seen if your wearing it. If the Police had to deal with a fatality perhaps it would become a higher priority.



    There was a ninja car driver driving along the bypass this morning at about 6:30am with no headlights or tail lights :confused:

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