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    Welsh Dresser

    I think you will have to agree to disagree. That’s the beauty of the forums, all have the right to say what they believe in. There are always two sides, sometimes more, and debate is how to polarise opinions which can help others to determine which argument best suits them.


    @benjaminm 7516 wrote:

    Wayneinspain, my last word on the topic.
    I refer you to your comments posted on the forum regarding the Councillors forum panel where you state that:-
    A. Councillors would run scared from having questions put to them on a forum.
    B. Only Arfon Jones and Phil Wynn would agree to do it.

    Are either or both of the above statements supposition on your part or factual ?
    If the answer to either or both is factual, where is the PROOF?
    See? What goes around comes around.
    Perhaps you would care to be less disparaging in future, unless of course you consider yourself to be omnipotent and beyond reproach.
    Practice what you wish others to do before criticism spouts forth
    ps. There are many other instances I could cite but I think I have made my point.

    So before you said ” I have lost count of the number of times that he has made statements like’ I think,but I have no proof’ in his posts.” but you can’t provide one example. Not exactly flattering yourself in mathmatics skills, are you? As it happens it’s from personal experience over the last 8 years campaigning to save the football club. Or isn’t the football club worth saving?

    Why not actually argue your case, rather than name calling?

    Explain why people who care for their community are wrong in campaigning to make it better or keep it good?

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