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    Plenty of money to spend on new yellow lines on the junction of Egerton Walk and Chester Road , not even the narrow version but the full fat wide ones. Surprised the pot holes along Chester Road didn’t cause the paint to spill ! Who prioritises yellow lines over filling pot holes ?



    Now some businesses in town have discovered they can’t have deliveries because of newly painted yellow lines on the pavement! Someone in Council must take the responsibility for this. Any new prohibition orders should have been published and approved. Looks like more money to be spent burning them off!

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    You’re talking to yourself again wrexview!just ask yourself a serious question, “is this really a serious topic to instigate a thread about or am I really doing it to add to the multitude of other irrelevant threads I’ve started in the past?”



    I saw the messages on Twitter about the “new” lines but if you look on Google Streetview they were there before (including the no loading stripes).

    Agree about the lack of publicity about statutory notices, as far as I’m aware they’re not published online and the only way to find out is to look for the A4 piece of paper tied to a lampost (which sometimes appears after it’s too late anyway) or keep buying The Leader and hope it’s in there.

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