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    Site (especially forum) is all over the place for me on Android as well (Firefox & Chrome). My phone updated to the latest OS this morning (Lollipop something or other), don’t know if that has anything to do with it?

    Viewing off PC using Firefox/Windows 7 it’s not too bad.


    Not bad, but needs a bit of work, android version is poor.  :wacko:



    I like the new cleaner look. The old one looked like it had been put together by a work experience kid.





    Sorry but it’s awful on iPhone.



    Noice clean look, but no accessibility tools, background too bright, poorly chosen fonts. Just the same as most sites. B-)



    Can you elaborate on why it looks ‘awful’ ? As mentioned above feedback will be taken on board as the forums are a work in progress.



    Preferred the word Forums to click on to enter them rather than a ” square with some horizontal red lines” Is this some sort internationally recognised symbol?



    Darryl, not sure if this is the same as others viewing the forum on mobile devices have experienced? (hence the ‘awful’ comment) but for me headers do not line up and some text is overwritten.

    Other minor issues I have noticed are ‘reply’ feature on posts does not seem to work (just posts a normal reply) and if you take too long compiling a comment (before submitting) it seems to disappear.

    I’m sure these are nothing your web goblins can’t sort out.

    Hope this helps.



    Cheers for the feedback – appreciate it!

    Have been playing with the forums myself all morning on various different devices and we have spotted there does seem to be a problem with the reply function.

    Another minor thing is I appear to have developed two forum accounts and can’t work out why :D

    Will tell the web goblins to get back to work.



    The lines are a mobile “thing” on a desktop the lines are replaced by a top menu bar.


    Forum side is not responsive so squished to fit all on screen and all overlaps.  On desktop version don’t like the background colour as everything blends into one and hard to distinguish between posts (on my screen anyway.)

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