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    Was this part of the “Difficult Decisions “ process? How much has been spent on them? There was a time when Councillors spoke clearly and microphones were not necessary in the Chamber. The staff still managed to record meetings verbatim , even when discussions became heated! Most of the time the present microphones are a problem because Councillors forget to press their button. If there is spare money for such things a board with all the Councillors names that electronically record how they vote would be informative especially in webcast meetings , the public could track how their local Councillor voted and if they were present !


    Council Watcher

    They don’t need a board they need to borrow the ‘voting system’ that the Youth Service had — this is similar to the equipment used on TV– they spent a great deal on this and would be able to record every single vote — for, against and abstain.
    Use what they have already at no cost.

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