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    Good to see this news, more money wasted – I have been trying to find an anagram to provide a use for the letters when Ty Pawb closes ! With’s attached pictures of Ty Pawb looking more like a backstreet Romanian village tenement – rather than a £5million futuristic arts centre, it just goes to prove the well known saying that even with new shiny signs, ‘you cannot polish a t***’.



    votethecouncillorsout. You seem to have an agenda against Ty Pawb judging by the amount of bad posts you’ve been giving it. care to share it with the rest of us?



    votethecouncillorsout. You seem to have an agenda against Ty Pawb judging by the amount of bad posts you’ve been giving it. care to share it with the rest of us?

    Doesn’t take Sherlock to work out the agenda of someone called votethecouncillorsout who only posts about Ty Pawb failing. What other underlying agenda can there be? I’d definitely not accuse them of undersharing.

    But here you go votethecouncillorsout someone has just given you a soapbox opportunity…


    Well, you may be surprised that in principal I am not against Ty Pawb, or against the arts, but there has to be a sense of realism. Wrexham is not the place for this project and it is also not the time for it. You do not have to be a genius to predict its prompt demise. All you have to do is to look around the local town environment and you will see terminal decline with even more shops announcing their closure this week. This project will fail to inspire the vast majority of the residents of Wrexham, particularly when it is they that will have to fund the project at over £500,000 per annum. All this is against a background when all we hear from the incompetent councillors is justification for more cuts (including to the arts) and increased council tax. There are better ways of spending (or not spending) the money that would benefit the entire community. Instead we are left with a White Elephant, vanity project that will be a millstone around our necks for a number of years.
    The writing is already on the wall (before the new signs are erected) – NO takers for the stalls and NO takers for the food outlets. Honestly, would (or have) the promoters of this project invest(ed) their money in it ? – I don’t think so!

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Well, somebody’s got money to burn.

    T? Pawb !

    Could someone from Wrexham Council organise a shipment of ŷ’s to Mold or is it Oxford now? :)

    ('er - email us on



    I also read on the Wrexham Town Matters forum that a Nail Salon is also opening up in Ty Pawb. Who is in charge of economic decision making in terms of the cluster of what is going to fit in there that will complement the fact that it is an arts hub?

    Who is saying, I know I’ll go and look at some art but then I’ll also get my nails done? Is it just going to be filled with hairdressers and beauty type service providers just like the rest of town currently is? Where’s the actual art inspired craft businesses – that will instil a strong and fitting commercial offering alongside the actual art?

    I have no complaints about the Tapas bar as everyone has to eat and also I think Welsh-inspired Tapas will be a huge success. I went to what they called a Tapas 2.0 bar in Spain quite a few years ago which did a more modern twist on Spanish food than the traditional tapas and I thought then that Welsh dish tapas would be a good idea – unfortunately I’m not in the catering industry or have the catering creative know-how – so well done Alex and Sam for bringing this concept to the town. It is my understanding that people have had success with Welsh Tapas in Aberystwyth, Betws-y-Coed, Swansea and a place called Cowbridge near Cardiff.

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