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    Extract from the original story on
    “The bump issue appears to be Wrexham specific, with ASDA pointing out that they have received no complaints from customers from any other stores regarding them.”
    That sentence in itself, speaks volumes. As Daave63 states above, there are a lot more serious issues going on in the world (even in sleepy hollow Wrexham).
    Perspective, perspective, perspective!!!!!



    These speed bumps are apparently 45mm high, which is less than 2 inches. I’very seen cars parked on pavements higher than that (but that’s never a problem).


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    An extract from the answer I received from Asda HQ

    I have contacted the store and spoken to Shaun Leech Who is the General Store Manager of the store. He has advised me that the store has received quite a few complaints regarding the speed bump however the speed bump has been installed across all of our car parks as they are a precautionary measure to ensure our customers safety whilst visiting our stores.

    They may not have initially had complaints but that seems to have changed.



    Well, customer safety wasn’t high on the list when they placed the pedestrian crossings in such stupid, blind spot locations in the first place!

    The pedestrian crossings are in a location where an accident has happened/ is waiting to happen, but instead of addressing the issue by moving the crossings, they decided to penalise the motorist by installing the worst speed bumps ever (along with the ones on the Border Retail Park)!

    Maybe a pedestrian awareness bump would have been more appropriate!:

    Dear Pedestrian,

    These pedestrian bumps are here to make you aware that due to our inconsiderate and badly thought out planning, approaching vehicles may find it hard to see you and may therefore knock you over on their approach to the car park.
    Please look at vehicles and drivers as they approach and see if they are aware of or care about your existence.
    If not, please remain where you are until a driver is aware of your existence and your desire to cross the road.
    Should you attempt to cross at this unsuitable location without stopping, looking and listening, please be aware that neither the driver of the vehicle, nor Asda is liable for anything that happens next.
    It is private land and as Asda hold no liability or cares about what happens to vehicles on their site, then the same applies to the pedestrian.
    Thanks for reading and tread carefully!

    The Asda Team, Wrexham.




    Something needed doing badly to slow down the arrogants prats who speed into and out of ASDA. It is not a bloody racetrack you idiots !!!


    Give all customers Hi Vis vests that might help.


    Who’s daft idea was it to put speed bumps on a racetrack?



    Well I popped in there yesterday to see what all the fuss was about. Have to say location for them is the problem not size. Saying that I drove over them at 9mph without a problem. Those moaning about damaging cars need to get out more, going over them at a reasonable speed is not going to damage anything.




    Just to let you know the hated speedbumps have been taken away. They were doing the work when I stopped to get petrol.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Hurrah !

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