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    Why doesn’t Asda just put bulbs in the belisha beacons they currently have in place? There purpose is to provide additional visibility to Zebra crossings, do they think I can’t drive?
    I hate speed bumps with a passion, now going to shop at Tesco.



    I felt so strongly about the speed bumps I contacted the CEO of Asda.

    I received a reply saying that they contacted the store in question and spoke to the General Store Manager who advised them that the store has received quite a few complaints regarding the speed bump.

    Apparently the speed bumps have been installed across all Asda car parks as a precautionary measure to ensure customers safety.

    They passed my feedback re the speed bumps onto their Store Modelling team so they can look into this further.

    I won’t hold my breath but at least I know that it isn’t our Asda team that is at fault. I agree with Dewi73 100%.


    Maybe a petition from all us on here might help. I try to avoid the store as much as possible now. They are
    a damn nuisance and I have no doubt they could damage your car if used regularly.



    These bumps are absolutley awful and I’m not sure why they are even needed as Morrison’s and Tesco’s manage perfectly well without them? I can only imagine the kind of damage they will do to cars, I won’t be shopping there again until they are removed.



    Why not email the Chief Exec?

    I can’t see how it can do any harm. The more the merrier.



    I’m the same as WrecsamGirl, until those ridiculous totally unnecessary MOT failure contributors are removed you won’t have any custom from me



    what a joke these are, the amount of people almost coming to a standstill to cross them is going to cause accidents, its causing a huge backlog of traffic onto the roundabout now, just wondering why asda thought a pedestrian crossing on a bend near a roundabout was a good if you think these speed bumps wont cause any car problems then give every customer you have a left a signed piece of paper saying if your car is damaged due to the bumps we will gladly pay for that is going to happen and who was the idiot assessor who apparently spent 3 hours watching cars going over them to comment that they seemed fine just curious as to how many he actually sat in to properly assess the jolt the car gets even at a crawl…TESCO do lovely stuff for xmas minus the bumps btw.



    The main problem with the Asda speed bumps is the road is not straight so you approach the speed bumps on a slight angle causing the car to jump around much more than they wood if the road was straightstraight.

    These speed bumps are killing my back, every time. They need to be either lowered or placed in a better position with the crossings on a straighter approach.


    Thank you for taking the time to write to Andy Clark regarding the car park at our Wrexham store. My name is Emma and as part of Andy’s Executive Relations Team, he’s asked me to respond to you directly on his behalf.

    I’m sorry you are unhappy with the speed bumps installed in the car park. I have been in contact with our Car Park Development Manager and passed on your comments. We have put the speed humps in place to discourage dangerous driving behaviours. All speed humps are to specification and industry standard. They are been implemented for legal and safety reasons, and to slow drivers down. Customer safety is of the upmost importance to us and we want all our customers to feel safe whilst in our stores and car parks.

    Once again thanks for contacting with Andy.

    Kind Regards

    Emma Darlison



    OK That’s fine, after shopping at your store since it first opened, I will now go elsewhere and I know many, many people who are now doing the same

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