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    A planning application has been submitted for the site of the former Hightown Flats. It is for 92 dwellings to comprise a mix of houses and flats together with a community resource centre and formation of vehicular and pedestrian accesses.



    Just had a look at the application, might do a short piece on it for the site.



    It is a shame they are going to include more flats. Wrexham has plenty of flats , in fact there are some new flats in the town that have never been sold. Saturation point has been reached. The demand is for affordable houses for families to live in.



    Flats are where the money is for developers, shame they seem to get approved so easily.



    The plans look like rows and rows of terraced housing to me – probably just the sort of thing that was knocked down in slum clearances to be replaced by… yes, you’ve guessed it, Hightown Flats.

    Going round in circles anyone?

    Everyone complains now about ‘concrete monstrosities’ that were high rise flats, but in truth the problem with them was poor maintenance, and abuse by tenants, not the architecture.

    If its not looked after by tenants and landlords alike, whatever they build will be a rundown mess in a few years.



    Have written an article on the application here:
    New Hightown Flats Planning Application Entered |



    I don’t agree with you there Moz , the Council poured millions into the maintenance of the Hightown Flats over the years but could not overcome the inherent desgin flaw of the “walkways”.



    You can view the plans for the redevelopment for the former Hightown Flats at the Hightown Community Centre,Brynycabanau Road, Hightown, Wrexham, LL13 0NP.
    on Thursday 15th December 2011 from 3pm to 8 pm. Everyone is welcome and all you need to do is turn up. No appointments necessary!

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