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    Perhaps they are spending time electioneering for their new political colleagues their time paid for by ratepayers –
    I’m saying that as the calendar for Council and Scrutiny meetings next week is totally blank- can one of the new Councillors explain why there are no meetings being held.



    I couldn’t agree more – the issue is further compounded by cuts to frontline services in all aspects of social care. The policy makers refer to these complications as ‘unintended consequences’ bit they’re not really unintended, more like undisclosed.
    The council fail to perform proper impact assessments when formulating budget cuts and certainly don’t include these in the public consultation documents.
    There have been very real human costs to the fiscal strategies employed by the council and they sit back and hope that the public can’t join the dots.
    Sadly, this is true as can be seen by the fact that the majority of the administration have been returned to their seats.
    And btw – you’re very welcome.

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