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    So we now have a new Leader and Deputy- we can give them a bedding in period but how much difference can they make when all pf the raw materials — Council Services, Funding cuts , potential mergers etc are not going to go away. They were already serving n the Council – if they have solutions why have they not brought these to the table before.
    How can a move from a Deputy to a Leader make such a difference?
    The previous administration under Clr Rogers always had a 7 – 3 vote at the Executive so everything went through on the ‘nod’. Even with the change of allegiances of some Councillors we will still be faced with the same Majority to push everything through — without any real debate.
    The difference now will be a deterioration in the relationship with the Welsh Government now that Labour are not the largest Group.
    Wrexham will certainly now remain at the centre of backroom political maneuvering with Political Parties jockeying for the – 2015 Westminster Elections, 2026 Welsh Government and 2017 Local Elections.


    The Monitor

    Dissolve the Executive board and let all councillors vote on every issue. Bring back something closer to true democracy to the process. Possibly reducing costs as well.



    Can someone please explain how a Council can cancel all meetings due to them having a reorganization of roles within their membership. On the WCBC web site there is not a single meeting listed for next week.
    Are the Council Leadership team sorting out what they want in the public domain and what they want to be debated before they go ‘public’.
    I winder if Clr Hugh Jones as Leader for Partnership and collaboration please explain if this is in his remit for engagement with the public.



    Just had a quick nose now, the documents for the Employment, Business and Investment scrutiny committee reports are up for the meeting on Wednesday evening, although seems to be a fair bit of part 2 discussion!. Generally documents go up three days before a meeting is due, so hopefully the reports for the rescheduled Executive Board on the 8th should be up later next week as well!



    I have looked this morning as well and they are there — there must have been technical issue last night.



    I think we are in for a very bumpy ride. This coalition is on very thin ice by the look of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few disgruntled Councillors within Mark Pritchard’s Group. Whatever possessed Mr Pritchard to form a group with 10 Councillors who have already shown there view on democracy and voting. My maths isn’t too great but 10 of Neil Rogers against 10 of Mark Pritchard, can Mr Pritchard rely on his 10 to be at every meeting where a vote is to be taken? If not Mr Pritchard may find himself out voted.

    The wrangling isn’t over by a longshot!



    Well it now looks like our local AM Lesley Griffiths as now entered the ring against Clr Pritchard et al with her statement today on the lack of discussion and willingness from Wrexham Council to hold preliminary merger talks between Wrexham and Flintshire. No doubt this is the first of many spats that will occur between Welsh Government and Wrexham Council Executive.
    Lets us hope that we have the chance to publicly see a gladiatorial battle between Clr Pritchard, Aron Shotton the Leader of Flintshire Council and Leighton Andrews Minister for Local Government on why we should or should not open a dialogue with Flintshire.



    ‘spats’ cost time and money, and with all the people involved in these spats, how much public money and resource is being wasted

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