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    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    If you’re a user of the concessionary bus pass scheme around Wales, an important change is coming up which you need to be aware of.

    Unfortunately though, as of around 7am the site crashed and still isn’t back up at the time of posting.



    Utter Joke, what the hell is wrong with the ones we currently have ?



    The original ones were valid for 10 years and are now reaching expiry. The buses also have a new system of card readers.



    What’s the point of a concessionary bus pass when the local Council do not have a bus service that runs through your local village into Wrexham town centre.?


    Maureen Gray

    Typical WAG, 750,000 pass holders out there and they hope people will have the sence to wait and be patient! Ha! And just like meercats, as soon as one knew they all knew,cue :


    I’d put me pension on the Cardiff grey mafia having theirs on day one though


    Ioan y Ffin

    It is easy for the Welsh Government to offer a concessionary bus scheme because it’s local councils who are the ones who have subsidize the actual buses and cover the costs of what is obviously a totally failing policy. Unless the government is prepared to put some serious money into public transport, buses only make sense in urban areas with large working populations.



    This has been a PR disaster but perhaps they also need to look at the 700,000 plus pass holders – why is it that at a fixed age of 60 everyone can have one. Certanly with higher age for retirement pensions the age of 60 does not fit. Peoples financial situation does not change at this magical number- stop issuing them till people retire.

    Also Ioan the Council only pay for bus services out of their specific Transport Grant from WG – they do not normally use money from rates etc.

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