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    Maureen Gray

    New chapter planned for Wrexham as ambitious plans for new town centre development submitted.

    Could be fantastic for the town, nice cosy area where people can sit, nice food, atmos and ambience. But please no francias, we don’t need another motorway services and don’t forget to provide part roof for shelter.



    At least they have hidden it well out of the way of sight to avoid people going there and getting in the way. Create another place of isolation.. shouldn’t it be linking with Ty Pawb more somehow? Somewhere more accessible in the evening? The concept is fine and required, the location seems questionable.


    Maureen Gray

    What? Dead centre of town between Queens Square and Regent /Hope Street? Yer isolation!



    It might be dead centre of the old traditional town centre as it was known, but we now have entertainment on Eagles Meadow, we have entertainment in Ty Pawb, We have the traditional town centre as you rightly say where there is no night time activity, And we have the other bolt on which is Island Green.
    I don’t think I’m alone thinking that the problem with the town centre is the disparate location of venues originally caused by the creation of Eagles Meadow and Island Green.
    I think we should be integrating Eagles Meadow and Ty Pawb more than creating another separate area. But I am happy to be alone with my thoughts 😃


    Ioan y Ffin

    Good to see some investment plans for the town centre that have the potential to widen the offer from what is available now. The Hub has proved a success yet Argyle Street is a bit forgotten these days, despite being slap bang in the centre of town. Hopefully the development will bring some decent cafes and restaurants and not just more Frankie and Benny’s and Nandos. There are some chains who employ chefs who can actually cook! Perhaps they could get Wrexham Lager Brewery involved…
    It would be great to see the branding reflect the history of that part of Wrexham. The shops on Queen Street (Stryt y Syfwr) are on land that was once known as Yspytty (probably because a hospice was there in medieval times); by the 18th century Jones’s Hall was built on the site for use during Wrexham’s famous March Fairs. Irish traders used it as their precinct hence it was later known as the New Linen Hall and by the start of the 19th century as the Irish Hall. On the other side in Argyle Street was the entrance to Wrexham’s great Arts and Industries Exhibition Hall, which was masterminded by William Low. In short we don’t need a bland off the peg English name.



    Thread writers need to remember that if a new development occurs anywhere it is due to whoever owns the properties – that is why this development could not link to Ty Pawb. The proposal is being put forward by the current owners of the existing retail development so they are not going to invest in a develooment in another part of town that would be competition.



    Looks like the Council are progressing on other projects as well- this has appered on the Sell2wakles site this evening

    The creation of a BID appears to be something that will request more money from all the businesses in Wrexham- not sure how this will go down as most are demanding a reduction in their rates to reduce their overheads.



    Interesting that the future of Wrexham town centre is not the shop fronts, but the service area for deliveries and bins.

    Looks like the dossers and drug dealers were actually on to something.

    Maybe they should start passing the hat in front of the Guildhall, and treat falling arse over tit while smashed out of their tree as street entertainment.

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