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    Not happy about this. Another service that Wrexham is losing. Does anyone know the percentage of population for the two hospitals within say, a twenty mile radius? It is a while since I had any experience in this area. Do they still have to travel from Dolgellau for maternity services?



    I suppose it makes since given that Glan Clwyd is situated right next to the A55, making access easier from all parts of North Wales. In today’s leader it says that more underweight babies are born in Denbighshire which has also influenced the decision.



    Another service cut back to ONE across North Wales. How do they cope with just one, look at the map and put it in the centre! More expertise lost to Wrexham Hospital as well as jobs.



    Any comment from our AM Lesley Griffiths?



    “Whilst it is unfortunate Wrexham Maelor Hospital has not been chosen as the preferred site, once the decision to create a centralised facility had been made, geographical constraints meant it was always going to be difficult to justify Wrexham as the ideal location.”

    Just found this quote on Lesley Griffith’s own website. Sounds like she thinks it is the right decision .

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