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    The news item on this site refers to an improvement in the number of Young People registered as Jobless as per the Council report — the truth is masked as the report only refers to % reduction not the actual numbers. The difference is the actual numbers could have increased and by having a larger number of school leavers the percentage would still show as a reduction.

    We cannot and should not use percentage alone if a true picture is to be given. This was a letter sent by a colleague to the Lead Member on Children and Young People Ckr Michael Williams and Donna Dickenson the report author.
    Dear Clr Williams and Ms Dickenson
    It is good to see that your report next week shows that the NEETs % figures are reducing as a County. I am however surprised that your report is not giving any actual numbers which is the real issue.
    I would be very interested in seeing actual numbers over the last three years as your report could cynically be interpreted as a percentage reduction but actual numbers are increasing.
    Can you also explain what if anything is being done in the none Community First areas that actually have significantly higher percentage of NEETs. I am assuming all the good work through the Communities First wards has been achieved due to the additional resources and the rest of the county have been neglected.
    Could you also indicate how much funding has been spent year on year for the past three years?
    The other figure missing from the report are the number of young people on short term employment schemes such as Jobs Growth Wales as these are all potentially at risk of being NEETs.



    Having read the report for the Council committee once again this morning, we surely must as a community put a lot more energy into this area.

    The ECONOMY providing the right types of jobs that generate enthusiasm and opportunities is the first critical part of this equation.

    People in these circumstances, we ‘ve all been there one way or another, need nurturing and strong support from those around them to choose the right path, and then develop skills. If our maths are poor, it takes hard work to develop them. Our family at home, and bosses at work, are central to making this happen.

    As a community, we mention spending £50,000 and this seems to be done by people from ten agencies. Do we have the right structure of resource in the local community (Council ?), and agencies such as Job Centre, to give these young people every fighting chance



    A key point surely must be how our educational leaders engage with the business sector who are the real job creators– the lack of engagement with the private sector by the Council and Careers Wales leaves out young people scrabbling about for work opportunities. If there are any business reading these threads then offer to take a young person on a work experience or job scheme initially to give experience and boost the confidence of our YP.
    The future of our communities lies with our young people lets make sure we don’t let them down.


    Got the forms today……and you are right

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