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    For someone demanding an apology about something they perceive as being incorrect yet an OVERWHELMING number of other individuals in Wrexham deem my position to be correct.

    You ain’t half wrong incorrect about me. To borrow an Americanism. When you Assume, you make an an Ass out of U and Me.

    Nobody on the left has been remotely interested in Momentum since GE 2017. I suppose you’ll be picking on bloody punk rockers around town next? How about them New Romantics?

    As you are only good at one thing, which is making ad hominem attacks with all the accuracy of Blind Pete playing darts. Keep making those holes in the floor.

    Isn’t it funny that the only people still going on about Brexit are sad one issue individuals who voted it through and completely fail to understand that people have bigger concerns now like Covid-19, whether or not they’ll have a job to go to, whether the healthcare system will survive or when it will be safe for their kids to get 5 days of regular schooling a week again?

    Try some of those topics. At the moment you are just comic relief for the likes of myself and everhard.

    You have a go at me for doing a Lilly LOL and that’s all you can muster in response to everhard.

    I eagerly await your next tamesponse. Don’t tell me it’ll be asking for an apology for your influence of or precisely none against me with my accountability levels of precisely NONE.

    Let’s keep dancing.



    Truth – wasn’t me that edited it. It was moderated after someone complained about the language – YOU ;’)



    p.s. whilst me and everhard have you tie up in rings like a confused dog chasing a wasp Lilly, you completely chose to ignore the valid criticism of substance from Janey about your precious Matriarch.

    With the ever growing criticism mounting from more and more corners of Wrexham, you are fighting a losing battle. I can troll you all week for my own amusement, but you can’t change popular opinion.


    Llayby lilly

    Still no apology Matt…? Very poor show me thinks..! X



    Obviously it wasn’t you Matt, AFAIK it was someone with the good manners to realise we are discussing and having opinions on a forum and not sitting in the gutter.

    FWIW I actually think you have some valid points on a lot of subjects and anyone who admits to being sceptical of our devolved government cant be all bad.



    Much as I am amused by some of the posts in this forum Truthbeknown, may I please ask you not to do abbreviations as I have to google them to see what they mean lol. I can’t get into textspeak.


    Captain C

    This country (UK) is in a period of our history such as never been seen before. Is it not a chance to put politics aside and stop fighting and saying we would have done it better if we had been in power. This is not about petty politics this is about our families future and we should all stand together and fight for each other. I don’t care about peoples political views or what colour they are, I just care about the way they behave. I have not met our MP yet but have met many times with our ex-MP and assembly member but in the end they have a job to do and while they are in office we should get behind them.



    I really don’t get the mentality of getting behind someone without being critical of their work, with that kind of attitude you will end of supporting a dictatorship.

    There is some ridiculous comments made on here about the political motivation of people to criticise based on the party (please remember it is not a religion) a lot of you end up criticising Labour which is rather hypocritical because with your logic you should be critical of both. I for one wanted to give her the chance, I wanted to see some engagement, I wanted her to stand up for Wrexham, but all we are getting is Michael O’Leary from the 2000’s. He seeked media attention, whilst completely ignoring its customers. OK I am repeating myself, but I seriously need to ask if it is Michael O’Leary in disguise, I guess we’ll find out if she goes anywhere near a billboard with a Ryanair advert.



    I for one got on very well with & had a lot of time for both Ian Lucas & Andy Atkinson. They both got slated on this forum many times but there was no doubt in my mind that they were both passionate about Wrexham.

    I haven’t yet met or seen this lady so I can’t yet form an opinion. It isn’t really a good time to be an MP during a pandemic.



    Truebeknown, you are definitely a snowflake.

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