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    Hope someone will confirm latest Tweet from Sarah Atherton is a wind up. Looks like she’ll do anything for a photo opportunity.



    It is rather strange seeing as she also tweeted to shop local earlier in the day. Perhaps there could have been a more local business she could have promoted rather than an international corporation. Seems utterly bizarre and it is my understanding that there’s been a general level of disbelief over the photo on social media.


    Llayby lilly

    you pair of snobs…! if she’s promoting a local business who employ local people where’s the harm in that, forget your international perspectives, sometimes it’s a little closer to home. This is typical LEFTIE sentiments, you like nothing more than to criticise, hence your appalling election results…looking down your nose…! You will never learn will you?



    Rex Ham

    Ms Lilly, The harm is that McDonalds is an international company with a huge marketing budget and they can and do buy their own advertising on a massive scale. They compete with local companies who, at the best of times would struggle to “get their name out there” with very little money for promotion and advertising.
    These are the same local companies who perhaps elected her and deserve to have her on their side and they may recall her actions at the next election.
    Seems we are not the only ones who never learn.

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    Llayby lilly

    Rex Ham, your not part of the ‘tin hat brigade are you’.? She is there promoting a local business who actively employ adults with learning difficulties, retired people who wish to return to work and young people who are at College / University. They are a company who offer generous pay and shift allowances, who provide staff with free food during break times. Most other companies actively avoid employing the aforementioned groups as often viewing them as ‘unemployable or too old and past it’.

    If local companies wish to promote their business using the MP, then they should write to her and ask. Those who don’t get a reply should call he rout on that! But don’t criticise the MP or McDonalds on their desire to promote the fact their business is open!


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    Rex Ham

    The “tin hat brigade” was a confederate vigilante group from Texas, so no, most certainly I am not one of those. Perhaps you got your metaphor mixed up!
    However, there is clearly a career waiting for you in the modern Conservative party (if you are not already there!!!)as evidenced by your taking the response off to your own advantage.
    I’m sure McDonalds have exemplary employment policies. They have targets for diversity and are quick to let us know! That is not the issue.
    The issue is that the M.P for Wrexham chooses to promote them rather than local businesses, who at this unprecedented time need all the help they can get.
    You may or may not think it worth while posting another reply to my point, but I shall let you have the last word. (unless it is actionable!!!)
    Best wishes.


    Captain C

    Rex Ham I did not read your comments when this was reported in the Leader but perhaps it’s a bit high brow for you.

    How dare she call for us all to support local business’ when she could have been praising Burger King.



    Well said Rex Ham, the far right don’t like being criticised.
    Ms Atherton is the real “snob”, those who have had daily dealing with her know this and also that she would normally not have anything to do with the “ordinary” people of Wrecsam
    This photo op also shows how out of touch she is with day to day life in Wrecsam town centre believing that MacDs is the be all and end all of food outlets in Wrecsam and it’s people.
    “Shop local” to Ms Atherton does not include Wrecsam but I would encourage everyone to use the local shops in our area, don’t go to Chester etc, your town needs you, use it or lose it.
    Que the “Neverhard” replies, been to A&E so many times with broken ribs due to laughing that I have lost count.



    Hi Sarah 4 quick questions for you!

    SA – ok
    Me- what do you think of the reported lessening of food standards from the USA into Britain?
    SA – ( quick glare ) – next!

    Me- last September you supported declaring a climate emergency in Gresford – do you think there is a valid environmental argument for eating less red meat?
    SA- ( flare of nostrils) – next

    Me- are you really helping local food producers in this promotion?
    SA- pass

    Me- as a health professional do you believe in promoting “ healthy eating ?”
    SA – pass me the Pepsi on your way out !



    Obesity is a major risk factor for dying of Coronavirus yet our MP promotes junk food.



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