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    I read the report on regarding the syringe found on Island Green.
    To be frank, I was astounded that this non story even warranted a mention on the site.
    It is one of many that have been found in and around Wrexham and, whilst definitely not condoning the actions of the people who discard needles without thought for others, is it hardly news worthy?
    From the photographs posted, it is clear to see that the syringe has the needle cover in place, yet the ‘finder’ rather than attempting to dispose of it, tried to pass the responsibility onto a.n other and tweeted the find for goodness knows what reason. To compound the matter, a representative of went along later and photographed it, and STILL left it in situ. Where is either of the parties moral responsibility?
    I know full well that these items should be placed in a sharps box, but in light of the needle cover being in place, it would have been a sensible proposition to protect ones hand and place it in a refuse bin to await routine collection.
    Shame on both of you.



    @benjaminm 8224 wrote:

    I read the report on regarding the syringe found on Island Green.
    To be frank, I was astounded that this non story even warranted a mention on the site.
    It is one of many that have been found in and around Wrexham and, whilst definitely not condoning the actions of the people who discard needles without thought for others, is it hardly news worthy?

    Hi Benjamin

    Though I wasn’t involved with putting this story together there’s a broader context to consider. Firstly, children are on school holidays, so may frequent some of these places more often than usual especially so with it being summer. No children should have to come across anything like the people from the story.

    Also, the issue of responsibility – there are many areas such as the one in the story not belonging to the council but still heavily used by the public. If syringes, or any other discarded items which may present a hazard to the public are left lying around who does the buck fall with? If that question can be answered we’ll go a long way towards a cleaner town for all.



    I take the point that there are grey areas in terms of responsibility in many areas of day to day life and indeed that children are on their summer break.
    However, that does not detract from the fact that responsibility is not something that can be abrogated on all occasions and that we all have a duty of care to each other, ie not passing the buck.
    If I came across a person who had collapsed, say, I would not think ‘Oh, that’s a job for the paramedics’, I would render assistance as best able, similarly, I would have disposed of the syringe as best as I could, especially if I was accompanied by a child.
    There were 2 opportunities clearly missed and because of that the situation was not resolved as expeditiously as it could have been.



    Seeing the area photographed is part of ‘Island Green Shopping Park’ it must be said that this area looks scruffy. It looks an ideal place for a junkie, especially at night-time, to crouch down and inject without being bothered.
    How’s about cutting down the bushes and making the area less-appealing for drug users? Hard I know, because in reality, the town has plenty of places which appeal to junkies.

    This is part of a retail park?

    I rarely go into Wrexham, but one night last week I fancied a takeaway. I only visited King Street but, what a dark miserable area? Apart from the Bus Station itself which was lit up, the surrounding streets looked miserable, with some righty shifty people walking about. I dread to think what the Town Hill/Pen Y Bryn areas are like at night time? In the daytime Peny Y Bryn looks like part of the worst places in Liverpool. :confused:


    Born Acorn

    As you say, perhaps if we had less greenery there’d be less shady areas.

    But then again the town would be a grey place without planting.


    Welsh Dresser

    I am way too old to jump the wall. I take the long way round Island Green! There are lots of shady places for shady dealings in and around Wrexham. This case happened in a shopping complex which is why it was reported. As a community news source it reports on matters that concern the community. I for one will watch were I’m going as I wouldn’t want to step on a syringe especially in flimsy summer footwear.



    I am very saddened at the way Wrexham is at the moment.
    I park my car at the Library, and see people waiting to score on Chester St. Grosvernor Rd is no different. I see open-dealing on the streets of Rhosddu, Holt Rd, Smithfield…
    Things in my opinion, have changed since the ‘big name’ stores have moved to Eagles meadow. The town has always been ‘rough around the edges’. We can all accept that, but it’s going worse (in my opinion). After my night trip last week to King St I’m not encouraged to go back in a hurry.

    Grosvernor Rd. Emancipated junkies riding around on bicycles, stopping on street corners, shaking hands with people sitting on walls and riding on to the next customer…



    But if you can see them why don’t the PCSO’s who take the place of our regular bobbies on the street. Twice now I have seen people lying unconscious on the pavement in full daylight with bags etc. Passing them first, I have had to go back to check that it isn’t someone who has had a heart attack. One was a druggie & the other a elderly drunk. The trouble is that one day l might just miss stopping for the genuine incident & feel guilty for the rest of my life. What is the best thing to do?



    Again, these are utterly genuine issues that affects everyone, you could argue severely over time, and it is certainly a matter that democratically elected councillors can take up, champion, and encourage us as a whole community to resolve, especially by raising the debate in public, which should lead to support for the public services to get to grips with these matters and resolve them.



    The point of my original post was to indicate that we all have a common duty to act in situations that demand action and not expect someone else to do things for us on every occasion.
    I get the feeling from the follow up comments made that people are compelled to whinge and complain but take no positive action to resolve the situation themselves.
    Take the comment by Zinger for example, who states that he/ she may regret not stopping for a genuine incident which tends to indicate there may be a general tendency to walk on by and leave matters to others.
    No, my comment regarding the person who failed to take contemporaneous action and the representative, still stands.

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