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    Interesting that the top 6 most viewed forums today are: Stansty Bridge (7433), Elections (6645), Shops Closing (6388), Fast Broadband (4881), Parking (4639), Local photos (3904).

    Stansty Bridge highways should be able to sort out, the elections are done, and local photos looks like a pastime we all want.

    Does that leave Shops Closing, Fast Broadband, and Parking as the priority?



    Worth noting that topics that have been up longer will likely have more views. Older stuff with high views are likely bigger issues that current stuff with similar views as readership is growing (own trumpet blown!).

    Likewise some thing will be more ‘spikey’ eg. Stansty , singleish issue that has been and hopefully gone.

    What is interesting to me is the growing awareness of processes and examination of those, be it planning, spending or who gets what part of peoples tax.

    Anecdotally when out and about the closed shops seem to be a big talking point….


    Welsh Dresser

    For me it is interesting to find out the differing views on the subjects. I may not always agree with the postings but it’s always entertaining.



    Most posters want to have a say in how we want the town to be run. That we don’t feel that we are being listened to. We showed the strength of feeling with the Stansty bridge & got our way. I like the debates & it is good to see things from a different perspective. I feel very strongly about heritage, I don’t like change for its own sake only if it makes a significant improvement. I don’t like our green spaces being eroded. I am not interested in modern technology but love email & appreciate digital cameras & couldn’t do without my laptop.



    Why doesn’t invite one councillor each week, who chairs the Council’s committees, to participate in a forum. Plenty of people on here with a breadth of very valid views and opinions . . . shops closing, more and better paid jobs, and what’s happening to improve our worst roads would be good

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