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    Mr Strange (Wrexham Leader Letters, Aug 21st) is unhappy about one of the nominations for a Civic Award – The Islamic Cultural Centre, Grosvenor Rd Wrexham.
    Mr Strange would prefer it were a mining museum.
    Like it or not, it’s part of Wrexham’s future. Lovingly restored and well used by people of all ages.
    Go on, councillors – vote for The Mosque!



    It’s a bit late for Mr Strange to raise this now after so many years since the Miners was sold — perhaps he should have raised the issue at the time when the building first came on the market. Perhaps he should be asking those that were Trustees of the building when it was sold did they give any money to the Mine Heritage Group based at Bersham Colliery or will they donate to the preservation of the unique Mine Rescue Centre by Wrexham Warehouse Project. Did any of the money raised from the sale actually stay in Wrexham or did it go into the coffers of the NUM or other Union funds.



    What next? Giving the Groves Site Mamba-heads afternoon tea at the Mayor’s parlour? Kosovan travellers stealing all the plum pitches from the Polish caravan insurgency?



    The Open Days held at The Mosque are well attended and give everyone a chance to see how its internal features have been beautifully restored. You can talk to lots of families who use the Mosque and see how it contributes to their lives. It’s nomination for a Civic Award is well deserved.



    Would love to go in there again, after going there for many years previously, and have a look around especially if it has been restored etc. Anybody know when they have the open days ?

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    There was an Open Day a few months ago but next time you pass, call in and ask when the next one is. Or, email their website.



    The last time i asked if i could enter a Mosque i was told (by the guide i had hired) that, as i wasn’t a Muslim and hadn’t been through the many cleansing rituals they go through i wasn’t worthy so could not enter. This was at a big Mosque in FEZ Morocco earlier this year. As i was prepared to do the “ablutions” required ie. washing feet and hands etc. I found it puzzling to say the least.

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