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    It looks like there are yet again another set of consultants that have been appointed by the Council to look at the Town Centre- the announcement on Sell to Wales today is below:

    View Notice – Sell2Wales

    I think this know makes FOUR separate consultants looking at the Town– come on Councilors get a grip



    This has to be another April Fool joke.



    the more the better



    Anyone have any idea how much has been spent on consultants in the past three years ? What have they achieved that couldn’t have been done in house ?



    I could have ruined the town for half of what they charged……..



    Sorry defo not an April Fool– I thought these things happen only on 1st April in Wrexham there seems to be ‘April Fool’ type activity almost daily.
    I wonder if our Councilor readers on these threads can enlighten us..



    @wrexview 19146 wrote:

    Anyone have any idea how much has been spent on consultants in the past three years ? What have they achieved that couldn’t have been done in house ?

    Probably not very much. No confidence in their own ability. So why not hire someone & let the flack be diverted just a bit ?

    We’re a country of increasingly low achievers but with increasingly high expectations.

    Cuts help little to stem the tide.


    Maureen Gray

    If the leaders had more faith in the ability and judgement of the workforce more practical things would get sorted and money would not be wasted!



    There is probably a bright officer in the Council who would relish the opportunity to do this piece of work. Consultants were particularly introduced 20 to 30 years ago to introduce new ideas and share practice from elsewhere. Today between everyone being so well travelled and social media, things are quite different.

    The successful emerging localised economies are the ones that champion the assets, culture and values that have been built up in an area during previous generations (unless a Milton Keynes is created with the necessary investment).

    History shows that many or most places are a vision put together by one person. We probably have in our midst a person who could work throughout the community to produce a master plan for Wrexham (town and throughout the county), for everyone to consider. Zoning the geography, building on values built up over generations, working towards new and emerging markets, is not difficult.



    The sign post on Chester Road at the entrance to the Waterworld car park says “Civic Area” at the top, a concept developed during the days of the Wrexham Maelor Borough Council on land in their ownership. I hope the present Council doesn’t go for wholesale demolition in the area and hold a fire sale of the land. There was a definite intention to do this with the Waterworld building as is evidenced by the consultants report commissioned for the purpose. The Council are unable to raise the funds for a new build swimming pool so might now consider selling to someone who will incorporate such a building in a complete redevelopment, Eagles Meadow mark two?

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