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    Wrexham Civic Society comments on the King Street flat development

    “The society adds: “Although there would be no objection to going back to residential use, the above points highlight the shortcomings of the proposal, showing that it is poorly designed for a conservation area, and as a residential scheme is far too intensive, resulting in severely restricted accommodation.”

    Another case of the Wrexham Planning Department agreeing to very small flats. The pandemic has highlighted how people realise more living space is important to mental health. Developers will provide the smallest space allowed to maximise profit , if the Council raised their minimum standards then the developers would follow.

    Remember Officers only advise , the Planning Committee and Councillors have the power, they need to raise their aspirations for the town’s housing stock.


    Ioan y Ffin

    This substandard accommodation is down to the developer greed. They could choose to convert the upper floors into fewer, but larger flats and afford people the ‘luxury’ of a window in their bedroom or the ‘privilege’ of not having their only bedroom window for fresh air open over a communal bin. A hundred years ago, the council was knocking down slums and moving people in to houses that had meet to standards. Now we are giving the thumbs up to developers to profit from building slums to order. If the planning officers are not able, owing to the law, to turn these applications down, they could at least have the decency and self-respect not to defend it by making assumptions about other people’s expectations.

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